Game got Boring Quickly

The game was great for the past few Saturdays, but now it’s getting too repetitive. At this point, I’ve got a level 12 hunter and a level 11 warrior, and I already feel like I’ve played through the entire game. More than 90% of the game is pure combat, but the combat is just so boring. The abilities that we have are great, but the mobs themselves do nothing but run up to you and use a basic attack over and over again. Spiders summed up are just a reskin of crabs, just with higher stats. Fighting the crabs as a level 8 is no different than fighting the spiders as a level 12 other than having another way of dealing damage. I just want the mobs to have a different attack pattern other than the same exact one the previous mob had.

The battles also have no weight to them. Winning a fight against a spider is nothing but getting another few points of EXP. Leveling up and progressing through the game is only gonna give you higher stats, and possibly access to new abilities.

If I’m wrong about anything I said, then TELL ME, because I WANT the game to get better. Maybe I’m wrong and this update was just a bad egg.

the game doesn’t look like it’s going in a good direction with spiders being a reskin of crabs

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Completely agree, they need to add more quests, and a new element to combat (they were thinking about having a heroes esc thing where it shows where the attack will be, i think it should have that but don’t show you where, just show them attack) and managing more than 2 skills will make it fun too i think

I have to agree, and I’m kinda disappointed in this game. I was really hoping for more than spam clicking on enemies, insomnia-curing grinding, and meaningless quests. So far this game just seems like yet another generic Roblox RPG

What can we do to alleviate the boredom the game is causing you?

We do plan on additional monsters, quests, and mini-bosses in the near-future. If this isn’t enough, what suggestions do you have?

No doubt a big part of the boredom you feel is because there just isn’t that much content in the game yet. We plan to have far more engaging quests and epic minigames.

I don’t want to use it as a crutch, but our game is 15 weeks old. Some weeks we have to prioritize adding new mechanics like parties over adding new content.


The combat just needs more depth. The player’s abilities seem fine so far and I’m sure you’ll probably add more, but the monsters’ abilities are just as important, if not more. As long as the monsters have one basic attack that’s not even worth avoiding, the combat will be very lacking in depth. A wider variety of monsters in each area would help, too.

Also, while I’m disappointed so far, I understand that the game is pretty unfinished, and I still have hope for the future

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What do you mean by this? Are there just gonna be more reskins of mobs we had in the past or is each mob gonna get more than just one attack animation?

So far every single quest is the same exact thing, just with a different mob drop. The rewards you get are different, but progressing through the quests is the same boring task. You need to do more concepts than just “target a specific mob til you get new equipment or currency”.

This is the feature I’m most looking forward too. Just make sure we’re not getting flung around by other players.

You can’t get much depth with the generic RPG formula of:

  1. fight singular mob
  2. get exp
  3. move on to next completely identical mob

If you really want to spice up the encounter system, you should group up mobs into “parties” of their own, where mobs are swarmed up together, and aggro onto players that attack other members of their “party”. This would be where you mix up the mobs that are in an area into combos. e.i. monsters with high damage attacks paired with monsters that inflict a slow. (Think of something like hexaria by bitsquid, or adventure story by vetexgames)

What do you mean by this? Are there just gonna be more reskins of mobs we had in the past or is each mob gonna get more than just one attack animation?

I’m pretty sure that there will be differences between the mobs in the future. Not every mob will be mindlessly hitting you with no other mechanics.

I hope you know, literally everything you suggested I’m pushing for daily. Yes the current quests implemented are boring and generic, this doesn’t mean you should assume this is the quality level of all our quests moving forward. I can guarantee you once Damien and Berezaa get around to making our quest implementation system more intricate that I’m going to be pushing for much longer and intricate quests.

ngl but I think pvp would be a really cool feature. Maybe even a bounty system for people who’ve killed a lot?

if you guys are planning on more types of quests please no escort quests i just did one on wynncraft and it took longer than it shouldve (unless you make it so that the npc doesnt die that easily/can move as fast as you can but that wouldnt be really make it difficult)

I think Vesteria’s quests will be very different from Wynncraft’s quests. They run on completely different engines and plugins. While both are MMORPG’s they have a sort of different play style.

i haven’t played vestaria also im poor for the paid access so i wouldnt know how different the playstyle would be

Then Just Others Who Can, How The Game Is. As I Know A Lot Of People Who Will Buy The Beta Paid-Access.

what do you mean

I Forgot The ‘Ask’ After ‘Just’ So I Meant To Say ‘Then Just Ask Others Who Can, How The Game Is.’

All I will say is keep in mind the game is only 15 weeks old. That’s all, goodnight!:yum::sleeping:

Honestly I just really want the enemies to have some sort of attack pattern, since I’m getting tired of running in, smacking it with my axe and throwing a rock or two, then run back and heal up from a crab. Although this may not be what you’re guys looking for, but I’m just looking at anything to spice up combat a bit.

I agree with this. I made a post talking about that (along with some other stuff) and this is what berezaa had to say

Sadly, It looks like monsters won’t be doing anything special any time soon.

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This is all I needed to see to lose all interest in the game.