[G.I.S]: Rune Fused Armor Enhancement System

[G.I.S]: Rune Fused Armor Enhancement System

:black_small_square:A side system that is inside the forge system that allows the user to infuse Elemental or STAT based runes into the armor the player wishes to infuse it with.

:black_small_square:What this can allow: It can allow the players to have a enhacement or boost in their STAT(For Hunters & Warriors) or Elemental(For Mages) when wearing the fused enchanted armor. This allows far more value to be added to the various armor that successfully fused with runes. This could also potentially create profitable business in the Market for the later phase of the game.

:black_small_square:How it works: The player chooses a piece set of armor that they wish to infuse the runes with. The Armor box will be on the top and there will be up to a total of 3 boxes below that represent a space for Runes to be fused with. The system will list or show a % chance of the infusion becoming successful. As the player tries to enhance the armor more with runes, the fee becomes more expensive and the % of success becomes drastically smaller.

:black_small_square:NOTE:If the Rune infusion is unsuccessful then the player ends up wasting gold and gaining nothing. If the item is already enhanced to +2 STAT based rune enhancement then failing to upgrade can deduct -1 enhancement from the +2 enhacement which would make the item back to +1 ehancement.

:black_small_square:Elemental Runes = Mage Faction
:black_small_square:STAT based Runes = Warrior/Hunter Faction

All Your Suggestions Do Sound Great @CodeNameJoker!

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:black_small_square:Thanks for the compliment!

:black_small_square:I just try to incorporate ideas from other MMORPG games that could best fit Vesteria for better gameplay ehancement.

Your Ideas Probably Help With Ideas As They Are Just General Things To Flesh Out A MMORPG.
Thing Is When You Describe How It Works And Other Things That Is When It Is Carefully Thought Through.

In The Long Run I’m Looking Forward To See What Other Ideas You Come Up With.

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