[G.I.S]: Crafting/Forging set amounts of the same graded equipments to have a set % of chance to gain a higher graded equipment

[G.I.S - Crafting/Forging]:

:black_small_square:A additional side system that allows a player to put a set amount of the same graded equipmemt in order to craft/forge the equipments that has a set % of chance for those equipmemt to become a higher graded equipment.

:black_small_square:For Example: A player puts 5 uncommon graded equipments into the forge and the system shows a % (Example: 50%) chance of successfully upgrading the 5 uncommon graded equipment into a RARE equipment (The type of equipment would be random or a weapon or armor depending on what item the player puts inside the forge).

:black_small_square:There will be additionally be a fee that charges the player so they cannot abuse the system too frequently in the process.

:black_small_square:This could be a great trade way for people who cannot get the rare drops from mobs, or bosses and this is a alternative way for players to have a % of chance to upgrade their equipments.

:black_small_square:NOTE: This is a suggestion that could improve the gameplay in critical aspects and as the game is a open world and a vast MMORPG set game. This would solve issues for people who loves to collect or gain better equipment then to grind for that specific weapon or armor for hours and ended up quitting out of frsutration and rage.