[G.I.S]: Cooking as another alternative method to potions


:black_small_square:I believe that adding a method to crafting food or potion by cooking can also be an interactive method for players to collect certain items and other materials to craft food or potion that may have a slight boost advantage compare to the ones that can be buyable in the market/shop around the World.

:black_small_square:Cooking can have a value in trading as players who are too busy grinding or doing other activities would be persuaded to buy items that is crafted/made by the cooking method. This could also add value to the Market for players who wishes to make profit from cooking items instead of the usual equipment drops from mobs, or bosses within the game.

:black_small_square:Items made from the Cooking system could have a boost in certain aspects of the user’s stats for a limited time. This could be profitable and valuable to players who loves to raid or go explore often then interacting with other players in the vast world of Vesteria.

:black_small_square:Note: This is just a suggestion I had that could add value to the gameplay for people who has interest in increasing other aspects of their skill chart or stat if they aren’t into the type of just focusing on increasing the mainstream skill sets such as Intelligence, Strength, Vitality and etc.

That’ll be a really cool feature but not sure if its necessary. But awesome Idea bud.

I think the developers are having great ideas, but with a very large queue for addition in the game. So these types of side skill will gradually emerge!

Hmm… I guess cooking can help, but I’m thinking maybe some foods are temporary, while others are like the Miitopia grub.

And then a hunger system gets added and we all starve eating stale bread

How would they really add a hunger system, when normally RPGMMOs don’t have hunger systems… right?


:black_small_square:I’m not stating that the developers should add a hunger system in the game. I never stated that anywhere in my context. I am only suggesting that cooking is added as another method as an alternative versions to potions within the game. As an example, a food item could replenish more mana with an extra mana gain for 15 seconds. Something that offers little bits of limited time buffs unlike potions that may provide just the basics.

Ahh alright, I misunderstood my bad. But I do get what your sayin. It seems like a valid idea.

I suppose I was more responding to the replies above my post from before.

terraria has the same thing with food :thinking:

See, the reason I don’t see this making it to the game is that potions can already do what your trying to say food should do. There would be no point in one or the other to be used if you can just use the cheaper one.

true enough. but maybe you can sell food for a stronger equivalent, like a temporary DEX food, like multiple (3) salty and sweet drinks, can be sold to the potion seller for a permanent DEX stat point potion.