Future Possible Issues with the Current XP Curve

I’m a level 28 warrior. For some reason, since I was level 16, Crabbies have been giving me the minimum XP of 8 because when you are 9 levels above an enemy, you earn minimum XP from them. I can see potential grind efficiency issues with the XP curve being this way since this will make Spiders (giving 18 XP at level 24+) a better grind than say a level 30 mob when you are level 39. That level 30 mob would give you the minimum XP at that level, not even double the minimum XP of a Spider. Hopefully, with potential boss raids and the dungeon that is being added today, players can replay the dungeon, and each time clearing the dungeon gives a flat number of XP that isn’t affected based on the level of the player. A player completing a specific dungeon for the first time will earn a greater amount of rewards, including more XP and maybe an item reward for completing that said dungeon. Regarding the flat XP reward, this would make lower level dungeons compared to the player at least somewhat viable for them to reenter.

What they should add is a system for each kill a “Boss” can drop different loot were it ranges from common/rare/legendary where there is 1/100 for rare and 1/10,000 for an example. I also agree on the XP being too flat and they need to add more there.

Wouldn’t a level 30 mob give a lot more than 18 xp, even at minimum? It makes no sense why a spider would be a better choice for players 30+.

I’m judging it off Spiders and Crabs. Since spiders give 18 xp at level 24+, and Crabs give 8 xp at level 16+, one could say a level 30 monster would give 36-44 XP at level 39. A level 30 monster would take longer to kill, so spiders would be more efficient since there would be more and easy kills.

Ah that makes more sense. A good fix I can think of is to remove the minimum XP and just make it so high levels get no XP for mobs a certain amount of levels lower than they are. I’ve played a couple rpgs with this type of system.

The minimum amount of xp u can get for a mob is its lvl+1+any party bonuses. So if we had a lvl 30 mob it’s min xp would be 31. At which point unless the new mobs spawn as close together as spiders do rn, Yes, Spiders would probably be a better option than any other new mob. And I hope that makes sense because I confused myself with something now and I’m just gonna hit reply. :man_shrugging:t2:

That’s not how it works. Someone figured out the xp difference forumula but i forgot the thread, but i do know that at 10% of it’s base xp (base xp being the xp you get from killing the mob when you exactly match its level, in this case 180), it stops decreasing and that remains the minimum. So 10% of 180 = 18.

Hmmmm… :thinking:

this is good and all but you seem to forget one thing

the player also becomes more powerful, not just the enemies

if you are 10 levels above an enemy you will most definitely be able to kill it with no problems so farming lower tier enemies is still pointless

That’s a very good point. By the time the player is level 39, they should be able to easily kill a level 30 mob.

Now that I think about it, the XP reward for killing a mob of significantly higher level would be much higher (probably around 700), so being 9 levels above that mob would give 70 XP, much more than a Spider.

Yeah that’s what I was trying to say earlier lol

The higher the level, the more experience needed to level up, so It would be pretty obvious that later mobs would also give higher XP.