Future "Possible" Class Progression System

First and foremost, this is different to other “Class and Subclass” discussion as it concerns what comes after Subclasses, much more in depth.

Essentially, to suggest balanced and higher level class progression to levels estimated around 70 or 80 to 100 at LEAST. I’ve thought up a reasonable guideline to what current subclasses could eventually progress to, in the long-term.
The order is as follows:
Original Class (Hunter, Mage, Warrior) > Subclass > "Master Class"

These “Master Classes” would be the final progression class for a certain subclass and will provide a greater, more versatile and more “dangerous”, I would say, level of skill and gameplay to endgame players. They all, of course, receive highly sought after, “Perks” which are specific to their subclass and extremely powerful but can only be used once every 20-30+ minutes, sort of like an “Ultimate Art”. To ensure they do not damage progress of weaker class/level players, they would be limited to certain higher level maps BEYOND the current Whispering Dunes in development, and in order for them to travel to “lower level” areas/raids such as Great Crossroads or the Spider Queen Raid, they would undergo something common in many good RPG’s. This could be a sort of “level breakdown”, where their level, and hence stats, are reduced to the level limit of the respective map, (e.g Spider Queen Raid level cap for Master Classes at Level 40).

Either way, ignoring the implications of these “Master Classes”, I believe this is a highly useful guideline to what possibilities there could be for endgame progression after the current subclasses. :smiley:

Trickster > Con Artist/ Jester (Perk: Can transform into any single player for
limited time and copy their abilities, HP and MP,
EXCEPT their Perk and Stats, for a limited time
Assassin > Shadowblade (Perk: throws highspeed shadow projections of
daggers,difficult to dodge & has “chance” of dealing high
Critical damage, in addition to previously suggested, by
Berezaa, “Assassin combo system” which will now
deal higher damage in shorter time.)
Ranger > Marksman/Sniper (Perk: Only class equipped with Firearms! - Under 50%HP, the player deals unblockable damage from a Rifle, additionally dealing 50% of the enemies’ remaining HP as damage, ignoring Crits. The Rifle is not overpowered and has a time-consuming reload time and ammo capacity.)

Knight > Blademaster (Perk: temporarily increases number of blades in hand,
dealing high amounts of combined damage for limited period
of time)
Berserker > Titan (Perk: damage dealt can rapidly recover health and stamina for
limited time period, while considerably increasing attack speed
and reducing attack range, perk name possibly “Rage Burst”)
Paladin > Aegis Protector/Crusader (Perk: Summons the holy spirit to boost individual OR
party members’ damage, health & attack speed massively
for limited time period)

Warlock > Necromancer (Perk: can spawn multiple simulacrums, similar to
“Undead”, which slowly absorb HP and MP of enemies,
hence “refusing to die”, and can individually attack enemies
as long as the necromancer remains still)
Sorceror > Sage (Perk: Temporarily upgrades a certain Elemental skill to perform a
“High Order Spell”. E.g: Icecall > Blizzard, slowing all enemies and
deals consistent, unblockable BUT ESCAPABLE damage,
OR > Avalanche - temporarily freezes all enemies & deals high
Cleric > Archduke/Bishop/Saint (Perk: Embodies and displays the power of the Lord
- Holy Magic upgraded to 2nd level or “Holy Magic Mk. II”
- Larger Heal Radius
- Flare > Holy Retribution, burns all enemies targeted in a
small radius for low but consistent damage & temporarily
stuns them).

Please leave any comments or suggestions to ANY ideas here, as well as giving your own thoughts for what the abilities of these “Master Classes” could be as the ones mentioned in this post are COMPLETELY drafted and definitely points for discussion.
And honestly, with all major posts that will generally be in depth such as this one, that I produce.
An upvote is always appreciated!

P.S The Rifle class is really a drafted concept currently and definitely want to hear your opinions on its feasibility and its implications in battle? Am also pretty sure that its contextually relevant to the Era that Vesteria is, inspired from reality (assuming its the Middle Ages).

Yes, Subclass Ultimate variants (e.g. Warlock Necromancer, Sorcerer Grandmage) are already confirmed by Berezaa.

These are just the “possible” variants and an insight into them with some background changes to gameplay mechanics when they’re added to the game. Like the “level breakdown” etc.

This reminds me of the 5th job skills in MapleStory

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Why not Berseker be Sword/Blade Master? or Berseker be Gladiator

cleric has learned rapid revival

Because it is just a suggestion

Trickster becomes Grand Clown, and Cleric becomes Bishop, berezaa said

Wait is it actually called “Grand Clown”?
If so, we need a guild full of those guys named “The Entire Circus” ASAP for “You’re not just a clown, you’re the entire circus.” memes.

I swear Grand Clown sounds weird to me. Tricksters aren’t always clowns, they can be magicians and illusionists.

Knight is supposed to be a tanky support class, so I don’t really agree on this one.

Wait a minute, since when are clerics Catholic… oh no

If Paladin isn’t crusader im gonna :triumph:

Paladin is the tanky support class!
Berserker is the all-out damage-focused variant of Warriors
So by elimination, I suggested Knight should progress into a somewhat tanky, utility&damage focused class AND most of all UNIQUE from the others

Ever heard of Protestant Saints/Bishops/ArchDukes? Yeah…thought not.
There is literally no religious bias to any Cleric-related class in this game.

bishop is christian

better word

Dude i’m not complaining. I’m just commenting on a forum post as people do. I know the cleric teacher is a bishop but…

Either way, Bishop was something Berezaa acknowledged and agreed with way back in #mushtown anyway. But Pontifex is still good.

Yeah bro, I don’t think you’re complaining at all. It’s just that Bishop can be any important religious figure from any background that conveys the “power” of God, in RPG terminology at least.

And ranger ? >:(