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For the future of Vesteria, one thing worries me and its player distribution. If the game keeps up at the way new areas are introduced. It may go in a linear form, where new areas are introduced where they are accessible from only the 2nd newest area. The game would have players spread out where they would have no reason to go back to visit the older areas. Once areas like the high level village and higher level areas come out better players will move to those places and leave the newbie areas. For the game to have constant amount of players in an area there will need to have a constant stream of new players. Once the player count thins out, the bosses will be fought in smaller groups and the overall difficulty of the game will rise. It will become stale for players as they only see players their level instead of higher levels players which can give some sense of what they’ll become. So I believe there should be some reason where higher levels need to go back to the starter areas in the game. It could be for crafting or for some other reason. Just saying, the game is going to not make it if higher levels and lower levels are separated.

there are reasons to go back to old zones.

  • getting lower level items from shops/drops
  • getting different colored dyes
  • nilgarf is the trading district

(and more

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When players reach a higher level, they probably will go to the higher level village to trade higher level items. The dyes, yes that kinda gives a reason for them to go back. With the lower level drops/items from those areas is kinda unlikely unless helping a friend. With the storage of items as it is currently, it is highly unlikely they would want to collect many lower level items. Just saying the the incentive to go back becomes non existent unless collecting or helping.

I go back to previous areas for other reasons:

  • The hay quest, which gives me purple and orange potions plus some silver. (Farmlands)
  • Spiders for Spider Queen (Enchanted forest)
  • Hogs for meat (Farmlands)
  • Crabby claws from the fisherman (That beach with the crabbys)
  • Yeti and Guardians (Redwood pass)
  • Walking to the colosseum (Scallop shores. Though I do admit it’s lacking in reason)

There are reasons for us to enter every area except the clearing, mushroom forest, and mushtown.

It’s good to leave those areas for low levels because when you enter Nilgarf, it’s like realizing that there’s a bunch for you to uncover in the game. Serious business happens in Nilgarf and past as real adventurers exist there. Those 3 areas are beginning areas like the tutorial.

lower levels can grind up to become a high level, just as us current high level players did. problem solved.

There’s going to be a point in the game where those potions won’t heal very well and there will be better options, when you reach a higher level items like fresh fish and other potions won’t be a viable option when fighting. There will be better options in the future, the reasons you noted were for items that healed decently for lower level players. Bosses will have a somewhat reason to go back to them, but getting hog meat or fresh fish won’t be a reason for high levels to grind. I’m saying once the player base thins out the game will seem decently barren if everyone is spread out over many areas. Because when the higher level village comes out everyone will go there instead of Nilgarf, this is once the game thins out. I just think it would be better for the players to have one central trading area instead of having to split up, another reason is availability of items. As the higher level players wouldn’t have much use for their lower level gear and will then sell it to the shops instead of lower level players who are at Nilgarf. I just think it would be better if all the players had one instead of two central areas.

Lower levels buy gear off higher levels, it would make grinding harder for everyone if there is less players all around.

what do you think the first low levels did with no one to buy gear off of? there are gear npcs, and the boss raids.

They added Shroompocalypse which gives you a good reason(Getting scrolls) to go back to Mushtown.

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Technically still relevant since Shroompocalypse is the only reason to go back to Mushtown, aside from starting a new slot. I agree with the original sentiment of the post that there should be more reason to go back to earlier areas, and I think the plans with the Orb (to make it go to random maps) is a good way to do so.

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First off, the topic here is not low effort and is still relevant. Although a bit difficult to read due to the formatting, the topic addresses an issue in a detailed way, and the issue remains relevant to this day as the only real solution provided by the developers (in the form of Shroompocalypse) is not used much, and having players go back to the beginning of the game to do something they couldn’t do before would be nice.

Second, there are still things worthy of further discussion here, as I stated before, I think this could be a great jumping off point for talking about potential new balance changes/features in early game that would allow it to be replayable, even at the later stages of the game.

Third, the reply does contribute to the discussion. It provides the given answer to the problem and is made to be further discussed upon. It demonstrates how; despite having a reason to go back to Mushtown, the game has not yet provided a reason to go back to other early game maps, and with the removal of Stat and Skill Reset Tomes from Chad, I do think there should be reasons added to return to The Clearing, Mushroom Forest, Mushroom Grotto and Mushtown.

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