Future is Bright support

Some developers got an early access to Roblox’s new lighting system (Future is Bright) and a few of them started to prepare their game to be able to support it.

I’ve been wondering, will Vesteria be able to run it when the new system is shipped to the public? It seems like it would be really nice.

If they make it so that it’s one of the first games that does, it would probably greatly improve it’s popularity.


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Future is Bright is cool but my god i cant run roblox with it

I really look forward to seeing this.

Pretty sure real life is just Roblox graphics settings at 11.

But this new light thing sounds pretty fancy.

Nice to hear so! Looking forward to it.

oh yea im def excited to implement future is bright to all our maps

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I’m sure ya are, although I feel like the result would really be worth it.

just having that feel of that type of graphics would surely be really nice.