Fun Fact (filler)

Did you know that kids eat an average of 7,000 calories during Halloween?

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  • No, didn’t know that
  • I’m one of those kids

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Halloween isn’t really a thing in the country I live in. Yes, some people decorate their houses with pumpkins or sometimes a witch doll or something. Trick or Treat isn’t a thing here… sooo… I eat 0 calories of candy on Halloween! :smiley:

Halloween is definitely a thing where I live but I hate candy (another fun fact) and I don’t trick or treat

Why do you hate candy???

A lot of candies are chocolate and I really don’t like chocolate. I used to eat some candy but I stopped because I changed to eat healthier several years ago.

I can’t really eat candy either, I suffer from Diabetes type 1. Mostly an apple tastes better than candy in my opinion.

Never Would Of Expected A Person To Openly Say They Have Diabetes Type 1.


The Reason Is Because I Have It To And I Just See It As A Personal Subject That I Don’t Like To Talk About.

It’s just something I have to live with that I have to accept so why not share it with the world? :upside_down_face:

Like I’ve Already Said, It Is Pretty Personal And Most Of The Time, Personal Means You Don’t Share It, Unless It Is A Social Media In Which Anything Goes…

You Can Share It, Though I Prefer Not To.

There are more things I have and rather not share.

I take my math teacher’s example: She had an horrible accident once and is now handicapt and she decides to just be open about it because it can relieve pressure.