Full Class Revamp

Pretty sure big mana potion will eventually be a thing, pretty sure their adding it in the next update.

It is multiple features. Zap revamp, arcane strike, warrior spin, all of your aspects are new features.

I’d still use smol ones just because they cost nothing and I can spam at will

Also keep in mind if i needed to make a post of every single “feature” then i’d pretty much flood the entire feature request posts. Berezza only stated if it’s directly different features as in completely different “ideas” This holds the similar idea features and stays on point. It does not future on other ideas or concept but the class system it self. this probably did not make a lot of sense but i don’t know any other way to state this.

So what looks better have one huge and detailed revamp request post. or have different multiple ones that will be like 25 Post of me just posting one feature at a time. Yeah that’s what i thought of as well when i made this. @LeSamton @headlessmicrowave

I agree with @BenD101 here, having this “revamp” would be too dramatic of a change from an Adventurer to just a faction class imo. All of this would seem too OP and give each class the same advantages but in different forms, which is kind of boring. We will be getting subclasses, so the skills currently in the game for classes aren’t overly dramatic, as subclasses will fulfill the “OP” skills while being unique in their roles.

Subclasses won’t be out for least another 6 months or so. And by the time that is out i will probably make another post of how to improve those classes lol.

Nevertheless this is too much for a level that’s so low.

And seriously just change to general discussion that’s where group requests should be.

Yeah, they won’t be out anytime soon. But then again, the devs still need to flesh out the current basic classes in the game atm. Mages are pretty unbalanced, Warriors have been nerfed beyond the frequent use of their skills, and Hunters have no transport. Perhaps the devs may see this topic and take some of your ideas (for subclasses maybe, I highly doubt for main classes), but regardless, when the devs feel that the current classes are as balanced as possible, subclasses will be out.


You are revamping multi features. Revamping doesn’t magically make multiple topics one. You are changing multiple things.

It stays in the topic now doesn’t it trough? It still all about revamping the classes. Don’t see how that is multiple of different topics.

Arcane strike is a single topic. So is warrior spin. Multiple topics belong in either multiple posts, or in general discussion

The topic is called ‘Full Class Revamp’. It’s all one feature.

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It’s part of the full class Revamp bundle. It’s not really a decent revamp if you don’t add couple of things to improve it.

“Bundle” you are bundling together multiple topics.

Also and no point is it not allowed to request multiple features
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Summber has provided this topic as a Full Class Revamp which naturally includes all classes and the revamps he suggests.

So either way your point of me passing this in general discussion is pointless.