Full Class Revamp

Am i talking to a brick wall?

“Brief” “to the point”

Littearly from @berezaa post.

My point is literally "Brief and to the point it can get. "It’s literally stating and pointing out what its about. I could not make it even more to the point if i wanted to. You still have not provided why it’s “not allowed to request multiple of features” even trough it’s a revamp i’m posting.

Yeah cause Ment did this and did not stay on the point:
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Mine stays on the point how ever. That’s what few people don’t seems to realize.

I mean if you don’t want each perk to have a higher individual chance of getting introduced then OK m8 but judging by how Ber has reacted to compilations of ideas or “bundles” in the past think this would belong in general and not feature. Some of these aren’t even new features just changes in existing ones.

k so first about the hunter, having a inf invisibility gonna give alot prob.
The grab gonna make other insta kill so not really fair.

Second about mage, they gonna be just invincible, they just gonna run, jump and spam magic bomb at close range making it impossible to dodge.

Third about warrior, they can just spam roll and block making them impossible to kill.

Lastly you want to make class balanced but Mage and hunter will be overpowered and when you think about it hunter wont be able to catch mage making mage invincible but hunter will be inf invisible so it would be dumb and lets not forget about warrior who will need to spam roll and block for being untouchable but its all he can do in pvp.

Your idea arnt that bad but its not balanced and definitly not for the actual class, for future subclass or enchanted class it could be possible but for the moment its to overpowered.
PS: AP isnt a good idea just take 3s to think that all our skill are use with magical power and tell me when paladin will be add you gonna add him 2 bar one mana one AP ??

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You lost me at invulnerable roll, but the rest are interesting.

Anything that offers complete invulnerability with a short cooldown is kinda… eh.

Maybe reduce damage taken to you but probably not complete invincibility

doing this again?

we’ve already gone over this.

  1. your post is filled with grammar errors. I don’t mean to be rude if your main language isn’t English or you aren’t well at spelling, but please download Grammarly or something to help you type these long idea suggestions.

  2. the developers want a clear title related to the body so they know what they’re clicking on. If you have multiple ideas that aren’t in the title, then this fails to meet that request.

  3. just because its a Revamp doesn’t change the contents of the post. You requested multiple changes for multiple classes

I don’t exactly want to flag this post, even though it is incorrect. However, it needs to have it’s category changed.

Otherwise, your post is… I dont even know.

I don’t like this idea. I feel like the ability to zap multiple enemies at once should decrease the amount of damage. Like when you throw a rock through glass, the speed of the rock decreases meaning the damage of it when it hits someone behind the glass would also decrease.

this just seems like a buff rather then an addition to mechanics. Magic Bomb is already overpowered when max level.

Don’t like this idea in the slightest. Way too overpowered.

Way too overpowered, but I like the idea.

Adding a whole new system for every class really messes up the flow of the game. Again, way too overpowered and complex. Although I do think warriors need a buff to max MP.

If, let’s say, you swung a sword downwards on someone’s head, you’d damage them as much as slamming them as they lay down, but I get the point.

For like the fifth time, overpowered.

If you add blocks, you’re going to need to add an entire close combat system for all classes. Having the base attack for Mage changed would mean they would have the inability to parry blocks or just block.

Again, overpowered.

You’re forgetting that hunters need and use MP and INT. They need MP for skills like invisibility or other strange skills. Using this new “action points” system on the hunters would make hunters very confusing.

I like this idea, but it’s way too overpowered.

A bit complex but I like the idea. However I think this should be heavily nerfed.

Kind of overpowered-- but I get the idea. However, you’re missing one big thing: only assassins will have the invisibility skill, meaning no other subclass of hunter would make this useful.

I feel like this should be a warrior ability. And it’s a bit overpowered as well.

This post just felt like a mega buff to all classes. Your points when making such ideas really were confusing and paired with your poor grammar made me feel like I wasted 30 minutes reading this post.

I know the pain.

Also, yes, I feel a lot of these are huge buffs which do not connect with the current combat system. I do believe the combat system is fundamentally broken though.

I think you should elaborate

On what, exactly?

Combat system? How is it broken?

Clearly us, as players, dont understand the future of the game or what the developers have planned. But we should always assume things will never get fixed.

That would be a very good way of criticizing, yes.

The current combat system allows for Mages to be OP, and to ‘dodge’ enemies such as spiders. I.e., Mages just need to jump around and run away from the opposing player and Zap them continually before they die. In PVE, all you have to do is to hold W and A or W and D, in order to, again, ‘dodge’ the enemies’ attacks.

I know one argument which is likely going to brew the moment I use Mages: “Fix the abilities, it’s not the combat system.” The argument is immensely flawed. The first problem is that it’s not the abilities, and if you change the Zap to a manual aim, for example, then fighting against Hunters or Warriors is absolutely BS. It’s very difficult because they can just keep jumping and running around, and you barely have things to counter that. On the physical damage side of Mages, it’s almost irrelevant to the armor of Warriors. So if you see on the PVP side, no matter what changes you make to abilities you will create one class to be stronger than the other. Hence, combat system is broken.

I’ll edit this when I’m home, gotta go now. Think about it though, saves me time.

I still think there should be armor that gives magic resistance or scrolls that add that to armor. That might fix a bit of the problem.

Otherwise I agree

I would say, personally, that giving magic resistance will help but it will further avoid the problem.

Too many arguments my head hurts :tired_face:

why is this still relevant