Full Class Revamp

It stays in the topic now doesn’t it trough? It still all about revamping the classes. Don’t see how that is multiple of different topics.

Arcane strike is a single topic. So is warrior spin. Multiple topics belong in either multiple posts, or in general discussion

The topic is called ‘Full Class Revamp’. It’s all one feature.

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It’s part of the full class Revamp bundle. It’s not really a decent revamp if you don’t add couple of things to improve it.

“Bundle” you are bundling together multiple topics.

Also and no point is it not allowed to request multiple features
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Summber has provided this topic as a Full Class Revamp which naturally includes all classes and the revamps he suggests.

So either way your point of me passing this in general discussion is pointless.

Number one and two are both reasons it makes sense for you to include 1 topic per post and to not have giant revamps. Including some of these in much more detail in multiple posts would be the best idea.

And I’m on mobile, so don’t think I can quote, but I feel like I’ve seen ber tell someone one topic per post, and to have threads like this is general, no? Either Nathan or someone random I don’t remember

Am i talking to a brick wall?

“Brief” “to the point”

Littearly from @berezaa post.

My point is literally "Brief and to the point it can get. "It’s literally stating and pointing out what its about. I could not make it even more to the point if i wanted to. You still have not provided why it’s “not allowed to request multiple of features” even trough it’s a revamp i’m posting.

Yeah cause Ment did this and did not stay on the point:
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Mine stays on the point how ever. That’s what few people don’t seems to realize.

I mean if you don’t want each perk to have a higher individual chance of getting introduced then OK m8 but judging by how Ber has reacted to compilations of ideas or “bundles” in the past think this would belong in general and not feature. Some of these aren’t even new features just changes in existing ones.

k so first about the hunter, having a inf invisibility gonna give alot prob.
The grab gonna make other insta kill so not really fair.

Second about mage, they gonna be just invincible, they just gonna run, jump and spam magic bomb at close range making it impossible to dodge.

Third about warrior, they can just spam roll and block making them impossible to kill.

Lastly you want to make class balanced but Mage and hunter will be overpowered and when you think about it hunter wont be able to catch mage making mage invincible but hunter will be inf invisible so it would be dumb and lets not forget about warrior who will need to spam roll and block for being untouchable but its all he can do in pvp.

Your idea arnt that bad but its not balanced and definitly not for the actual class, for future subclass or enchanted class it could be possible but for the moment its to overpowered.
PS: AP isnt a good idea just take 3s to think that all our skill are use with magical power and tell me when paladin will be add you gonna add him 2 bar one mana one AP ??

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You lost me at invulnerable roll, but the rest are interesting.

Anything that offers complete invulnerability with a short cooldown is kinda… eh.

Maybe reduce damage taken to you but probably not complete invincibility