Full Class Revamp

I noticed that peoples been complaining about poisting more than one idea and that the layout was not so great. so i removed the life skill ideas for another post. this will just be heavily focused on making sure how the classes should rewamp.

This will be my clean and more improved attempt of adding this idea and should give more a clear pic over what this feature is about.

Keep in mind if you want to critize the suggetion have sone valid reasons such as why it would not work. Instead of just “Bad english grammar and spelling” or “it has mutliple of requested feature request” Since it’s not. It’s a Revamp If you don’t know what that means then just look it up, It’s not that hard.

  • So far i noticed that Berezza has really tried to make the mage less crappy but for no avail i have some form of a solution to this problem, and at the same time not hurting the other classes. I really hope the developers will look into this since i put alot of thinking and effort into this making sure i’d work great with all of the classes and have it be more balanced.


Zap :

  • Zap should now be able to zap multiple of targets but at the same time deal alot more less damage. Incressing its stats will let you be able to zap multiple of targets and slifghty incress its damage. Zap will also no longer be auto lock on and you will instead be an manual aim only.

Magic Bomb -

  • Will be alot more accruate and you should be able cast it how ever you want ethier in close or long range and the attack radius should be the same. The cast time and protictles should also be faster.

“Passive - Arcane strike” :

  • Will replace the normal attack with a 2 hit medium range magic claw strike which will replenesh your mana on each strike, it sort of makes no sense that the mages still swings around their magical staff like some barbaric brute when their all about being magical and intelligent. heres an idea how the magic claw should look like :https://gyazo.com/bf090dd16703663dfcb6effadd616c97

Mana Recharge

Mages will also be able to Recharge their mana by using this move where they will keep complety still and will start to recharge 20 mana every 0.5 sec. Putting more skill points into this will incress it stat, How ever If the player gets attacked during that animation it will cancel the move and become into a 30 sec cooldown. So people are going to have to be more strategic to use this move.


Should have their Magica replaced With something called AP: Action Points.

  • With this Warriors will not be able to use any mana potions but will instead have to either have to self manage their AP or they will have to use an AP potion. AP points will regenrate as of how mana would regenrate but will regenrate alot faster while outside of combat . You will also get AP back by hitting enemies with normal attacks and with certain skill attacks. AP will scale on your STR and VIT.

Ground Pound:

  • Should only be activated once the player hit the ground and not midway in the air. that way i’d feel more connected and also make more sense. It should also incress it’s hit radius depending how high in the air the player was.

Roll :

  • Should also make the player invulnerable during that phase.

Blocking :

  • basically heres how it works when you hold down the block button, you start blocking and you release ur guard whenever u release the Block button. While you’re blocking, all the attacks that land on you, your block will eat it’s damage. * So whenever you take dmg your block takes it inside. Whenever you release the guard there’s a small cooldown before u can raise it again. When your block reaches 0 you’re stunned for a short amount of time and you get a 5 second cooldown before ur block starts regening again. However if you raise your block right before the attack lands and the the attack is a physical attack * the enemy will be parried and u can punish them.


  • Your character will start to do a spin attack where a small whirlwind will be around you. You will be able to hold click this attack, Each 1 sec will cost you 25 AP but will give you back 5 AP each Time you hit an enemy. So this move would be great againts group of enemies.


Hunters will also use AP aswell and it will work pretty much the same as the warriors.

Dash :

  • Hunters should have some form of a dash abbilty that lets the hunter dash 3 times in a row for a short distance which will let you dash in any direction. This will also make the player invulnerable during that phase.
    They will also be able to dash mid air but will only be able to dash one at a time if the player is in air.

Knife throw:

  • As of right now the knife throw feels kinda meh and sort of lame, i think there’s a better and cooler way to fix this: Have it so each rank you put in a knife throw you’d be able to add additonal knives into the throw. This will also give you the option to switch between foward throw and radius throw. with this the knife throw will get a bit of damage nerf but in return let you throw multiple knifes which you can swap modes on how you want to throw em. And for this not to be spammed in pvp, if none of these knifes hits the enemy the cooldown will be for around 5 sec. So only if you hit an enemy it will have no cool down.


Will now deal additional damage when using invisibility "once it gets added* and will also do life steal for 5% of the damage, can be incressed depending on how much points you put, which in max will let you deal 10%


  • Hunters will be able to grab both small/normal enemies as well as players which will deal small amount of damage but stun the enemy. In PVE if a player does a grab move on an enemy and if there’s other enemies around it will cause a small radius and stun the other enemys aswell. the stun will last for around 3 sec and will have around 15 sec cooldown. Meanwhile in pvp this will be reduced to 1 sec.

Answerd questions :

A) its interesting but there some prob in it, how can it be balanced if mage get a ranged auto attack ?(if its not dont mind it).

  • Well for starters its going to be a manual aim and will only have a medium range in it, it won’t do massive amount of damage mostly around 380 to 480 damage per attack if you have it maxed out and if your around level 30.

B) Zap is a magic skill for Quick attack close range, what the point of making it a multi hit and manual aim ? it would be better a new skill like that but not zap and Magic bomb is a long range skill that doing huge dmg by changing it to a close range too and making it faster you gonna need to nerf the dmg, mage are pretty hard to beat cuz catching them are pretty annoying so by doing that you gonna make mage invinsible.

  • As for Zap it’s to OP and broken in PVP wise but really bad in PVE. I really think if it could hit multiple of enemies when using it would make the grind much more fun, and as i said the zap will have a decent damage nerf but in return will let you hit multiple of enemies. “Will only work in PVE how ever”

You are still requesting multiple features…

If you want to make these topics, put them in #general-discussion.


On an unrelated note, there are spelling errors and capitalization errors, when I look at features that are being requested, they should look more professional.

Also as there are multiple features requested, this should be moved to #general-discussion, as SamUrai stated earlier.


It’s a whole feature not multiple ones. It’s called Class rewamp for a reason. Since it covers all of the classes and tweaks them out. If i only made post of each classes separatelyit would confuse people and it would just be a huge mess for people trying to see how the other classes would balance this and would probably ask and wonder over already answered question.

Yes, i’m aware that my spelling an grammar is not perfect but considering i speak and upp to 4 diffrent langauges i think i’d deserve some slack.

I don’t really care about the grammar and spelling and i think i rather have an actual interesting idea other then some 5 year old just saying add thanos car Just because my english is not perfect does not mean the idea/ the concept it self is bad.

This is my well tought out attempt of trying to flesh out the classes and make them more fun,uniqe and intresting to play as. Not a grammatical english essay.

Keep in mind if you want to critize the suggetion have sone valid reasons such as why it would not work. Instead of just “Bad english grammar and spelling” or “it has mutliple of requested feature request” Since it’s not. It’s a Revamp If you don’t know what that means then just look it up not that hard.

You speak 4 languages? What are they?


Anyways, going back to what’s relevant now. First of all, mage is overpowered in your description. Zap is an AOE, same with Magic Bomb, PLUS there’s an arcane strike. Are you serious? Like I understand there will be damage reductions but that’s not going to matter since you’re still going to be like one of the best grinding classes in the game. Unless of course the rest of your classes have an AOE for all their attacks, as well.

What does it matter if Zap is manual aim or not if it’s an AOE? You could just point in the general direction of the mobs and do the ability, that is completely irrelevant. Magic Bomb should be either long range or short range? Again, overpowered to the max, especially in PVP. This’ll make PVP even BETTER for Mages, right now Mages are broken as S***.

As for the Mana Recharge ability, unless the Mage class is fixed in PVP at all this ability will only be useful in PVE, again, Mages are broken currently and incredibly overpowered. There is no reason to use Mana Recharge when you will likely kill the player by just spamming Zap. Mana Recharge then will be overpowered for grinding use since the entirety of your abilities make Mage grinding super good.


Moving onto warrior. Rolling as of now would be a horrible idea specifically because moving in either A or D makes mobs attacking you almost irrelevant. That is to say, you can already dodge their attacks because of the broken system (IMO it’s a broken system). As for Roll in PVP, it would offset the fact Mages spam Zap and destroy warriors, although I assume it would use AP and hitting jumping Mages to gain AP is difficult. That being said, it will likely not be a very usable ability within PVP, specifically with Mages. As for with other warriors, you could use Roll to get away from the player and drink an AP/HP potion, other than that not useful.

Another criticism I have is, since in PVP fighting against Mages as a warrior is IMO difficult since they can just jump and Zap you and keep running (especially if they have DEX), regenerating AP as a result of combat would basically mean warriors have a strong opening move and terribly weak moves after that. That is to say, you have to use up your AP wisely, otherwise you’ll probably need a lot of AP potions. Or, alternatively, you go kill a mob to regain AP.

Ground Pound, you didn’t explain what it does other than your preference of it. Nevertheless, I’m going to assume Ground Pound is an AOE ability that increases range the higher the player was in the air before using the ability. The range part would be good in PVP to try and hit Mages, and Hunters, otherwise that’s about it. Since the mobs you might be grinding will be generally stacked up anyway. Question is: what’s the range of the ability on the Y axis?

Blocking, firstly you didn’t explain at all what’s the maximum ‘stamina’ (for lack of a better word) a warrior would have before they hit 0. Whatever 0 means. Secondly, what is a “short amount of time” for a stun? Because if you were fighting a warrior against a warrior, currently a short amount of time could mean their death. Combat is currently fast paced. Thirdly, what do you mean by “… and u can punish them.”? What does that mean? Is this like a Kingdom Come Deliverance combat system but more simple? What’s counted as punished?

Whirlwind, another AOE ability to spam on mobs. Terrible against PVP, I assure you. Well, let’s take a look, costs 25 AP but grants back 5 AP each time you hit a mob. All right, so from this assuming my AP bar is at a maximum of 100, I would get one more hit for free, assuming all of my other hits landed. Which will happen, by the way. You didn’t state the damage of this ability, but it sure would be great for grinding. In fact, it would be so good, it would be a terrible idea not to use it each and every time since AP regeneration isn’t difficult at all.


No need to discuss about Hunters using AP since I already talked about Warriors using AP, and since you said it will work “pretty much the same as the warriors.” I see no reason to separate them.

Dash… Look, I understand you come from a weeb community, this isn’t your weeb trash games. I don’t even care to look into this any further.

Knife Throw. Well, at least there’s a counter to the Mage’s Zap. If you are implying this ability is a manual ability, firstly it will be difficult to hit anyone since people will just jump around and keep jumping around to counter this. Secondly, the fact it’s just one knife isn’t lame at all currently, against Warriors it would be devastating, against Mages it would be more of a counter move to their Zap. Even then, it wouldn’t be really be a counter move since the Mage’s Zap is still AOE according to you.

Execute. All right, invisibility as of now would be completely broken if it’s an indefinite phase until the player hits someone or something. If it wasn’t an indefinite phase and only a few seconds, it would be completely useless in PVP since, well, run and jump. I haven’t had the ability to play a Hunter yet since I made two Warriors for experimentation but if Execute is an ability that exists currently, it certainly doesn’t need anything more since PVE with a Hunter from what I saw is pretty good, and PVP is broken so irrelevant.

Grab. Hunters are already a pretty decent grinding class in PVE, this is not needed for another AOE ability you are clearly fond of. In PVP it would offset some problems, assuming you can actually hit the player and 1 second stun is still really small. Again though, combat is currently fast paced so either way it would be bad.

That’s my criticisms.

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  1. He was suggesting ONE thing, with multiple parts.

  2. Grammar doesn’t play a big part in ideas.

Anyways, I kind of agree with you, Summber, with the AP. Sadly, it will most likely not be added, or at least not soon.

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Read on my post why AP isn’t too good of an idea.

I appreciate the criticism and i’m willing to answer most of those questions:


  • For the Zap ability to actually activate you obviously going to have to steadily hit the enemy and make sure you have the cursor on them in all cost, making this not so useful in PVP wise and mostly only useful for PVE wise, and yes it will obviously have damage reduction both in PVE and Especially in PVP.

And as for the other classes hunters will be able to use knife throw to hit multiple of enemies and will for the most part cover like some form of a ranged AoE.

Warriors will be able to use their new WhirldWind abbility which will mostly be used in PVE but can be decently usefull in PVP if used correctly.

  • For Mana recharge it will obviously only be useful in PVE, but can sort of still be useful in PVP if you give your self a bit of distance so that you can get a bit of mana back if you don’t get to greedy.

  • Magic Bomb is going to be especially useful now since it will have the same big hotbox no matter where you throw it and it will be much easier to get hits in now as well. This is going to be both good in PVP and PVE wise.

And overall, yes i made it so that the mages will be very good for gridding wise since currently it’s really crap for PVE, forcing players to go and farm crabs for every 30 mins or so just to get enough fish to farm spiders, while the other 2 classes don’t even have to worry about using any mana potions or healing potions.


  • Rolling will be even more useful now other than just having it to make “Long Jumps” and yes you still take damage from enemies even trough you roll out of the way. by making it so that you can’t take damage while you roll would make future boss fights and PVP more relevant and have different ways of getting into combat.

Warriors can also use Combos that lets them to get further great distance by using uppercut and roll right after, which will give you good amount of mobility for catching up in PVP.

“You can already use this in the base game by the way” In fact it’s recommended to use it especially in PVP."

  • Ground Pound: Like i was saying it should activate when you actually land and hit the ground, and as for its range it will increases every 5 meters by 5 radius this will obviously have a limit lets say around 70 radius so it does not cover the whole area, not sure how i stated this correctly cause i don’t know any other good way to explain it, but overall my idea is that it should only activate once you hit reach and hit the ground, and not mid air. You can still use it to get extra jump boost how ever but the *actual ground pound attack will only activate once you land on the ground.

  • Blocking: Yeah my bad you will basically have 100 shield, which will be slightly better depending on the stat and Items your using. This will also mean that people needs to be more tactical and keep in mind their shield meter, and mostly just use in to only block when it’s necessary both in PVE and PVP wise, so if your shield is bellow 5% i’d probably be wise not to block anymore until it has recharged. And as for block cooldown it should be around 1.5 sec, so people don’t just perfectly block everything and only will use it when their about to guess your attack prediction. Let’s say you see a mage is spamming Magic strike and you have your lounge uppercut on cooldown, maybe you just wanna tank the attack you block it and lose around 30% on your shield but your ready to counter attack, and if you see a warrior just spamming left click to get you, you can quickly perfect block and stun your opponent for around 1 sec.

  • Whirlwind: Yes this is obviously mostly meant to be used in PVE. Buuuuut however, i’m thinking of making it so that it also should slightly increases the movement speed that your in. I’m thinking around 5 to 8% which can be a good way to finish of someone or to get a slight speed built up to get near your target. This would also be especially more fun to use on a group of enemies. And keep in mind that you can hit multiple enemies with this so you could actually gain a bit of your AP back by using this.


  • Dash : What do you mean by “weeb” This has nothing to do with weebs or anything. This will make it so that hunters will be able to catch up to Mages and Warriors, it will also be very good to dodge incoming attacks since hunters are meant to have the most mobility out of all of the classes. This will be necessary For PVE wise when fighting Bosses and PVP wise to dodge incoming attacks. "Anime is not the first to “invent” the dash dodge mechanic, if anything most action based games needs to have some form of dodge, and i see dash as more of a quick steps that only nimble hunters can do which you can pretty much do in any 360 direction, you’d be able to dodge 3 times before it gets around 3 sec cooldown.

  • Knife throw: As for Knife throw this is what i meant for knife radius: https://gyazo.com/70f15bdd9f83904190e987dc820825e3

It will mostly act as a medium ranged attack while if you pick the straight option will mostly work as a long range attack. You will be able to use this while moving and jumping around. Just remember if you miss the attacks you will get a 5 sec cool down.

  • Execute: Not necessary keep in mind when you play as hunters your meant to surprise attack the enemies. Which means if you play your cards right you’d be able to deal decent amount of damage against unexpected players and Mobs. Also keep in mind you will be able to also dash while in this form. How ever using any attacks or getting attacked will cancel the invisibility, or well that’s what i’m guessing.

This will also especially be very useful during team based PVP battles.

  • Grabs: More options to do AoE abelites never hurts, Warriors and Mages has 2 so why should not Hunters have? and as for 1 sec cool down you really seem to underestimate, cause get this once that hunter grabs a player they can easily use both execute and knife throw and at the same time be able to do some left click attacks to regain some of their AP Back.

And finally I’m thinking that Hunters and Warriors will have 1 ability that will let them regain 70% of their AP back,but will have a 2 min cooldown.

And for my language wise i’d be: Swedish,English,Arabic and a tiny bit of Danish.

Also it would be really appreciated if you guys would vote on my post so there might be a better chance for the developer to see my post and might consider adding one of these revamp into future updates.

Reading part of your post, I don’t have the heart to write another criticism because there’s still a lack of thought on your part. Mages are actually really good for grinding, as are every other class when they hit a certain level. The classes are overall fairly balanced on the respect of PVE, PVP, not at all.

I also don’t have the patience again since I notice you changed some things as well, I.e., Having to hit the enemies before being able to cast Zap on them, not true to the original post. I’ll let others criticize now, if they care enough to.

So basically warriors would constantly roll and guard to be invulnerable while gaining a kill aura effect, another consumable would be added for no reason but to further clutter our inventories, hunters would only need to go invis, grab, then execute and use fan knives to absolutely destroy anyone, and mage gain in pvp… Nothing? Zap on multiple enemies is useless pvp, magic bomb would never hit if everyone’s constantly invincible, mana regen would be worse than useless because you have to spend time out of combat when you could just spam Mp pots. The correct way to balance classes is not to just make each class overpowered. This seems way over the top for abilities you get at level 10. Remember the game will prob end up going to over level 100.


fam, tht’s boring why over 100 i want infinite levels

In time…

Also, grammar does matter as well as spelling otherwise people could misunderstand the ideas being communicated.

Mages would still be very powerful since of Arcane strike and the improvement of magic bomb and keep in mind they will still be able to teleport around like there’s no tomorrow. So you still get ton of mana back by just getting hits on your regular attacks using one or 2 mana potions every now and again, and then TP to get a bit of mana back. If anything they will still be a top tier pvper in the game with this.

I feel this may be too unnecessary but as stated before these are multiple features.

  • Each class is their own separate class and requesting a single change is a single feature being requested.
  • Each skill being changed would be under #gameplay-improvements:gameplay-balance
  • The new idea of action points would be its own new feature.

Example of multiple features being requested. Choose to disregard this or not but again as I request move this to #general-discussion as multiple features should be moved to #general-discussion. Again this is a request and I am not imposing on you.

Please read before you post.

Arcane strike as a basic move would just make them equal to, idk, both other classes? Who cares about mana regen just set a key to spam smol mana pots lol