*Friendly* Political Poll

Just a random poll because I’m a bored and very curious owl child.
So answer these if you want. (some of these I will not show who voted for obvious reasons)

Do you consider yourself a:

  • Left Authoritarian
  • Left Libertarian
  • Right Authoritarian
  • Right Libertarian

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Are you content with the current state of your country?

  • Yes
  • No

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Do you support Trump?

  • Yup
  • Nope

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Also, do you support the LGBTQ? (as in you’re fine with it)

  • Yes
  • Ehh

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now let my stupid teenage brain look at these results lmao thanks

why ask this on lego maplestory forums


Where is the neutral option?

where is the no option

Where is the communist option?

I’m fine with LGBTQ as long as they don’t shove it in my face and people don’t put them ahead of me just because their LGBTQ, I don’t see anything wrong with trump besides the fact he talks to much, and Bernie wants to tax us all to death so yeah.

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Just saying you should add a “I don’t Care” option for the lgbtq one


Uhh by my country do you mean by birth country, the country I am currently living in, or the country I spent the most of my life living in


I mean if you don’t like the idea of LGBTQ and that it’s some major problem or whatever

i’m asking if you tolerate it

In that case USA’s education system is broken as hell, so I am not content

cool, have fun with that.

oooh canada, our home and native laaand
we have universal educatiooon, so consider that if you want your life plaaanned

politics on roblox is a dry joke

Bruh only 4 trump supporters here big sad • ~ •

here’s your wall-mart gift card

Lets reinstate the ottoman empire

Vote for Trump for the memes :slight_smile:

closed polls : )
thanks for the free opinions lmao