Frequency poll on updates

@TheInsanePizzaFace made a poll similar to this, but I’m recreating it to see if anyone’s opinions have changed.

Would you rather have:

  • Small updates overtime to keep the game fresh
  • Large updates, but takes longer to release greater delay potential

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Here’s an example:
(WARNING: may sound a bit bias)
Small updates overtime would be updates over the course of a few days. Say the devs are building a small map meant to be grinded such as Crabby Den. We could have more updates like those. Or when major bug fixes are ready such as Zap being fixed, those would be released as soon as it’s prepared. I’d like this because it’d keep things a little different as we wait for more content to be added. Even if something is released with bugs, it is easily undoable and the devs can take their time to fix it without enormous pressure from the community.

Large updates like the one we are about to get have much greater potential to be delayed. There could be major issues implementing new mobs or features into the game, thus not everything planned for the large update can be released. Players who tend to grind the fun out of the game could also lose interest in the game quicker (but then again that’s their problem, not everyone’s). Alhough these updates could bring an increased surge of players playing the game temporarily, it will fall back down again eventually.

To not have any confusion.

Small updates overtime to keep the game fresh;

You get an update every week over a period of 1 month.


Week 1: Goblins update
Week 2: Clothes update
Week 3: Spider dagger update
Week 4: Aiming mechanic update

This means the game would update often. There is still risk for delay, but not much, since small amount of content is being added at a time, per week.

Like how Fortnite updates almost every week, releasing new skins, keeping the attention of the players.

Large updates, but takes longer to release greater delay potential;

You have to wait 1 month to receive 1 big update.


Week 1: No update release
Week 2: No update release
Week 3: No update release
Week 4: Goblins, Clothes, Spider dagger, and Aiming mechanic are added at the same time.

This mean the game doesn’t update often, but, consists of the same amount of content as the weekly updates. This method helps build up hype. But in turn, if all the updates aren’t ready, there is a higher risk of a delay.

Like how Frontier took a long period of time to release it’s “Huge Update!”,but in turn, lost the attention of a lot of players.

Please note;

- Note that both examples are over the course of 1 month and consist of the same amount of content in the update, and, these are just examples and not to be taken literally.

I don’t think that’s exactly how it would work in practice, maybe in theory, but not practice… you see if they want to add a lot more like a whole new game function, say a big raid or something, they can’t just add one room with an enemy, and keep going… they have to spend a month or two making the whole thing, maybe we should have a mix of both, where they have just general updates and then a raid when we come to it!


Well obviously they wouldn’t add a dungeon/raid room by room but I get your point.

But the goblins, and the teleport stones are not of the same function, so why release those at the same time if you could just release one as soon as you are finished with it, and then the other, when you’re finished with that one as well.

Yeah, that’s why you’de have both, the long updates are just for big projects like a new area, i’m just wondering if they should wait till it’s filled with enemies or slowly add them

With the example you game, the update that was supposed to be released, which was the dungeon, obviously wasn’t meant to be released room by room. That said, each room would be part of the dungeon, which would put it under the category of the “dungeon” update. So you wouldn’t use “week 1” to make “room 1” and “week 2” to make “room 2”, you would work on the dungeon in spare time, as a side project.

It does actually work this way, as it has been proven many times before. Like with the examples I provided, Fortnite, and Fantastic Frontier.

You can’t compare this to fortnite… fortnite is a professional company with soooo many emplyees working on it, we only have like 5 in this game. Fortnite is the only game that has so many big updates in a short time for a reason

And for the dungeon thing, obviously it wouldn’t be released room by room, that was my argument, that’s when you’de need the longer updates, and seeing as dungeons should be main parts of the game just like new areas i don’t think they should just be side projects, they’re like what all the grinding is meant for… to finally beat the boss or something

I did not compare anything to Fortnite. If you read, then you would have realized. XD

Secondly, they have way more than 5 devs working on this game.

Not only that but, I do understand where you’re getting at, that the dungeons itself would not take a week to make, but instead, would require players to wait a long period of time.

But that being said, that would be the only exception to the rule. Not every update is a dungeon. So applying this logic to every update that doesn’t require waiting long periods of time, I believe it would be wise to release those updates as soon as they’re complete.

I feel like we’re arguing over nothing, as what you said is exactly what i’m trying to say, just one question, who are all the devs? I know of sk3l3t0n, Ber, Poly, I think there’s a graphics designer, enemy modeler and an animator, am i missing anyone?

I cannot name them specifically, but I do remember seeing a screenshot of a list of them. Ask one of the forum users for the screenshot.

Here you go good sir,

Vesteria has 3 main developers: berezaa, Polymorphic, and sk3let0n. Other people who works on Vesteria are called contributors, and I don’t know how many contributors they have.

Oh, if that’s the case, then go to the menu bar at the top right corner, then click groups.

Seems like they have 15 contributors.

What do they do? I thought they were either people who donated or had acess when there were only play tests

Contributors? If so, then they can do from making assets to building.

Ok, cool