Free to Play Vesteria - Basic Information, Differences and Discussion

Yesterday, a free to play version of Vesteria was created. It can be played here, provided you’re in the Vesteria group:

Unlike the demo version of Vesteria and the Free Weekend version, the free to play version of Vesteria will remain open 24/7, similar to the normal, paid version of Vesteria, and all data will save.

To quote berezaa, (most likely) the main reason that free to play Vesteria exists now is:
If you are coming from the paid version, you’ll notice that your data does not carry over. This works both ways. If you go to the paid version from the free version, your data will not carry over to the paid version.

Moving away from that though, let’s go over several key difference with the free version of Vesteria compared to the paid version of Vesteria:

1. Free version is missing multiple maps
For starters, the free version of Vesteria does not contain multiple maps that the paid version does. This includes SQR, Shroompocalypse, the Gauntlet (both versions), Whispering Dunes and Forsaken Isle.

2. Free version does not have subclasses
Normally, when you hit level 30 in the paid Vesteria, you will be able to choose a subclass. In the free version, although the three main factions exist (Hunter, Mage, and Warrior), the subclasses for each faction do not.

3. Free version does not have a level cap
One of the actual benefits of the free version over the paid version is that there is no level cap, however; given that the highest level map is Nilgarf Sewers, it is going to take much longer to hit the higher levels.

4. Free version may have pay to win features
There may be some pay to win elements added into the free version of Vesteria. These will not be in the main game.

Overall, by creating a new place for Vesteria for free players in the group to try out the game, it allows for players to test the game before they buy, without sacrificing the point of the paid version. I’m curious to see what everyone else thinks though. So here’s a few polls to see what people think.

What are you overall thoughts on having a free version of Vesteria accessible to group members?

  • I like the free version of Vesteria.
  • I am neutral on the free version of Vesteria.
  • I dislike the free version of Vesteria.

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What level are you in the Free to Play version of Vesteria?

  • Haven’t played
  • Level 1-10
  • Level 11-20
  • Level 21-30
  • Level 31+

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What faction did you pick (if any yet) in the Free Version?

  • None (yet)
  • Warrior
  • Mage
  • Hunter

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That’s about it for now. I know it’s a shorter post and most people already know the majority of this information, but it’s just a few polls and a bit of information that some people may have missed.

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Surprising. No hunters.