Free Saturdays?

As the title suggestion. What are you guys thoughts on opening the game for free on some saturdays in the future? It a very common practice in the gaming industry especially on steam. 800 robux is a high price tag and most people arent willing to give it a chance. They see 800 robux and are immediately turned off. The demo place is nice but in all honestly doesnt really give you enough to be like wow I need to buy this game. I think if people were to try the full game here and there, they would see what they are missing out on and maybe be more compelled to buy it.


if they’re intrigued by the trailer then they’d watch videos on the game

people could also just try the demo

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Honestly I agree with this, I’ve been trying to get friends to buy the game but they don’t trust me enough to drop 800 Robux on it. Giving the public even 1 day to try it out could bring in more players.

they might add a tiny bit more to the demo, but i think we’re making enough videos for people to experience the game. the devs want a relatively small amount of people to help test the game better

But the demo honestly doesn’t captivate enough imo. If the demo stay the same, it really doesnt tell enough of what the full game is going to offer. Especially when sub classes and dungeons are introduced to the game

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Personally I make videos and they do semi decent. But when you say that devs want a small amount of people to test, the insinuates that this game will one day be free. Their plan is to kept the game 800 robux forever if they can

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They need to add more content to bring out what’s good about Vesteria in the Demo. Otherwise, people won’t be more convinced to drop 800 R$ on the game.

They say that a benefit is that there’s no micro-transactions in Vesteria. But I doubt majority of the players even spend 800R$ on micro-transactions. I honestly feel at this point that they set the price to 800R$ to cover the lost of revenue from micro-transactions.

Vesteria costs 800 robux not because the devs are greedy or want to cover up the loss of revenue from not having micro-transactions, but rather because they want to give us THE BEST experience there is on Roblox + pay all of their bills (they gotta make money somehow).
they want a small DEDICATED community so if you want to experience the game, go play the demo or watch a youtube video, if that doesn’t convince you (or your friends) then you/they aren’t dedicated enough to play it and that is fine. you don’t have to buy the game but don’t complain about the price tag since it probably won’t change for a long time no matter what you say or think.

Bro what are you even talking about? You just regurgitation stuff you heard on the forums. This is not a plea for the price to dropped so I can play. I been bought the game and I bought it for other people as well. This is to grow the player base and reach new players. Marketing is a huge part of a game success and free saturdays is just a marketing strategy thats all to bring in more players

they don’t need more players or ‘‘marketing’’ ,but I think I’m just sick of people being upset at the price or just straight up complaining about things that shouldn’t be an issue. sorry if I have a bit of a negative attitude

When did they say do they want a small dedicated commuinty? I guess I missed them saying that

that’s why the price is so high, they want a small dedicated community.

I don’t remember exatcly where they have stated it but they have said it and they have said it multiple times.

I Have A Question, Are You Real Since I Hardly Believe You To Be Real.
Obviously I Can Be Wrong.
Though If You Are Fake, It Doesn’t Really Do Anything.

It doesn’t really matter if he’s fake or real, He’s still bringing up a good idea. I myself, would like there to be more players. I want more people to be able to enjoy and experience this great game. Would be a shame if we only stayed at about 100-200 players.

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Yes, he is the real ibemaine but it doesnt matter, also why do you type in all caps?

This Isn’t All Caps.

Well you begin every word in a sentence with caps

Our plans right now are to free release eventually, likely sometime next year. Presently we do want a small community to help us provide feedback and make our game fun for a free release. We’ll definitely iterate on the demo and improve it as we add more features into the game to give players more to do.


I understand that they want a dedicated community, but players who don’t have the opportunity to buy stuff don’t even have a chance to experience it. Plus I’m also pissed that they’re bragging and using the excuse that the game is void of p2w items and players when the only people who play are p2w or just happens to have 10$ lying on the floor. I can tell you that there are little to none f2p player that have bought this game. I don’t know if you’ve bought the game or not, but if you’re not in the position of me and countless players, you wouldn’t really understand this situation.

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