Free Release At This Time Is a Bad Idea

Due to Vesteria becoming a group-only game starting January 1st, it is confirmed that a free release at that time or any time soon is imminent.

Community & The Game Itself

Attempting to grow the community at this time where you can’t even get your paid players on is a bad idea. Clearly, the game is not interesting enough to many people as seen here. For example, an actual story is lacking, and adding random pieces of information about the world is useless if lore doesn’t exist. There’s nothing to explore, you just click, press a few buttons, level up, go to the next area, repeat. Quests simply aren’t interactive enough.

Content is also lacking, and the game is quite buggy. I’m not going very in depth into this, as this post by @JonnoTheGamer covers it really well.

Also, nobody is pressuring you to make the game free, unlike Beta. The team has openly said that it was a complete mistake to release Beta, and clearly they haven’t learned.

There are also no plans for monetization to supplement for paid access no longer being a thing. Vesteria Premium has been cancelled. Dungeon keys have earned no attention and we may as well assume that there is no progress on them. Ethyr purchases have been said to not be enough by both players and the developer(s) since there’s no incentive to buy it.

I don’t have a lot to say in terms of suggestions, feel free to discuss anything relating to free release.


They just gotta make a 1000.3 robuck gamepass that gives you triple xp and double attack dmg. monetization D O N E.

Thats not the way they want to do monetization
They don’t want it to be pay to win but you can go a bit faster if you pay
Edit: Lures in a nutshell makes the game a bit faster but why would you buy it

it went right over your head

well said atom

if it doesn’t go free release, i still see no purpose in forcing users to join the group in order to play the game. they may just be taking advantage of the increased group limit, but if they kept it paid access and you had to join the group, they’re just hurting themselves for newly arriving betas

Joining the group is most likely for free release to avoid bots. Probably means they plan on going free by 2020.

Either way, I would recommend releasing Whispering Dunes and Gauntlet either right before or during the free release. That way you have something to bring back the attention of older players who may have quit, and free release will encourage new players to join.

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monetization is still a huge factor in this even if there’s some content coming out

For sure, and I think that’s the way they’re headed with stuff like the Bounty Hunter gamepass. I heard that mounts are currently in the works, maybe they could be purchased through a gamepass/product.

forsaken has been the only location added past level 30 in the entire beta, releasing whispering dunes after free release doesn’t exactly sound like a good idea to me

the whole level 20 - 30 grind is lacking one, and it feels empty. sure, there’s SQR, but it’s either grinding that or going back to the level 23 bats

the game currently has no quests after level 20 and most quests are just kill 50 enemies. it doesn’t seem like it would be engaging for players playing for free

sadly no one can be satisified with any update for any level because high levels want more high level content and low levels want more stuff to grind

What about adding the low level things and high level things in the same update?

Im pretty sure they said that they wanted to do this order:

Whispering Dunes > FR > Gauntlet > Mounts & Miscellaneous

(FR being full release) Not bad, but they cant do any of this soon. They have to:

  • Test It
  • Balance
  • Finish Up
  • Publish

Which takes around a week minimum, I do not think they can pull this off back to back with Whispering and the Gauntlet, just seems impossible especially with these devs. They just need to take their time with this one, relax. If you do read this berezaa, dont rush it out like beta, the game already has a bad rep for updates. Make this one a good one.

We haven’t really been told of anything pertaining to monetization lately, and considering that they want to release the game for free so soon, I’m not sure what to think. Mounts aren’t a high priority and have barely been mentioned by berezaa or any of the dev team, I don’t think so at least.

that way it would take longer for updates and people would be angered

I’m not sure what will happened if Vesteria becomes free to play

The game are still lacking with story and lore, Vesra and Terul still don’t add much to the Lore

The game itself are basically most simulators and there is’nt much rewarding grinding for leveling up

Like most popular free game like Jailbreak and more there will be bots that are going to advertise their getscammedforfree website and exploiters exploiting the game because of how boring grinding in Vesteria currently

I’m not sure with monetization but if they’re going to release a some type of gamepass I don’t want to see Vesteria becomes EA

I’m not that good explaning my opinion so sorry if something I said ain’t that clear to you

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Just to say, a really important part of MMORPG games is different maps and exploring, and Vesteria really lacks that. There’s like under 20 maps in Vesteria right now and you basically explore everything under 30 minutes. There’s also 2 entrances in Nilgarf that hasn’t been used since Great Crossroads and I feel like they should fill those up before free release.

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Why do these updates always happen while I can’t get on!?!?! (Thinking about getting that 1000 robux game pass so I can finaly stand a chance agencies mo Ko Tu aa

Is it dunes coming out soon?

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There are rumors that dunes will be near colo/port Fidellio, so no.

That was a joke dummy

not happening, close :slight_smile: @Meta