Forums Design Feedback

The Forums look fine and all but to be honest, it’s lacking a lot of color. It would look even greater if the gray area was changed into an in-game photo of Vesteria. Just my opinion. :slight_smile:

Wouldn’t the bright contrasty colors make it hard to read the white letters?

Shadows can be implemented.

I just want the old grey theme back. ;-;

In my opinion, I think the forums look a lot like how forums looked 10 years ago with that blocky, retro feel. I think the forums should look a little more modern like the new landing page, I think they did a great job on that site and I would love to see something like that on the actual forum itself.

i could make an extension which modified the forum css if people want me to

Sure! I’d love to see you do it

I just want my grey amber back. ;-;

I want to customize my colors so I can get that sweet Blue & Black combo.

Personally I like this simple feel, but I think multiple theme options would be rather nice!
For example, red and blue themes (for those who like burning their eyes), light and dark themes, and customizable themes like changing font color.

I’d also like to see them implement some backgrounds for dark and light theme that can be toggled on or off. Dark theme could have Nilgarf @ Night, as opposed to at day.

Could have a little bit of opacity/grey overlay fade on the background image to make it easier to read and less intensive on vision.

This could also enable some holiday and seasonal themed backgrounds (Lower Redwood area for Autumn, upper redwood area for Winter/Christmas, Seaside Path or Scallop Shores for summer, etc.)

All in all I do love how things look, I’d love it even more if there were backgrounds or customizable theme colors.

TL;DR, I think the website overall needs more flavor

People who use light theme are monsters.

are* :wink:
Pls don’t kill me

Thanks for correcting me. Wouldn’t have found my grammar mistake otherwise. :wink:

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