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The way all the forums are laid out are well done, but it would be great if a search option or tag option was added. It would help as a way to locate player posts first of all, and, It is already quite troublesome looking through the categories and not being able to find what you might be looking for. (Example: Bug Report Category: Not knowing whether or not a bug you want to report is already reported.)

                              **Search bar suggestion:**
                                       -Search Option
                                         -Tag Search ^
                                        -Name search^

The Problem Is Already Fixed. You Just Haven’t Used Discourse A Lot. FYI You Click The Three Lines Near Your Profile Picture And Then Click ‘Bug Reports’.

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This is not what I am saying… IF you would read the example, and see the sub text. It is already common knowledge of Categories, but I am talking about tags for specific player posts. That maybe they could upload or have special users being able to make one to specify a topic of a user post, with others so there isn’t many duplicate posts.


You probably wouldn’t understand :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:

So sorry, oof.

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a place to edit our character