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  • Based around Glitches taking form of other game characters,
  • Based around new features being leaked via these errors,
  • or maybe plot twists?

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This wasn’t offensive. The fact your saying it in every post makes me think we are babies, :frowning:

I say it every time because I don’t want newcomers to think: "
What?! This guy is trying to trash talk Berezaa! Oh I am so flagging this!"

It won’t go down if it’s not a real flag. Devs need to be getting trash talked I guess, so they will know how to improve the game.

Well I don’t wanna trash talk him. He’s a nice guy and I am sticking by that until the very end!

Well you shouldn’t trash talk them, just make it nicer and aim it towards the game by saying what needs to improve. xd

you sir have never been on the internet

-_- Not. Helping.

wasn’t trying to.
just accept that people won’t agree with you and that some people just like to stir up drama.
you don’t need to be sorry for what you say and unless you are talking about something highly controversial it won’t matter.
it’s just the way internet works, nobody cares about you unless they are your friend. If it’s a stranger on the internet there is a good 95% chance that nobody will even raise an eyebrow.

… At this point, I highly doubt you’re not trying to get me mad.

That truly isn’t my goal but if you think that way, so be it.


He’s just stating his opinion with some facts. He is allowed to.

Try saying, “He’s stating his opinions,” to that.

well since you take everything as an offence to yourself and you are extremely defensive I assume you care about what people think of you and because of that I can assume that you are of young age and don’t exactly know how the internet works.

and yes that is MY opinion

Nope. You JUST said I have never been on here before…

How is that not an offence?

You are literally rubbing it in my face that I am still new to the forums.

Seriously, I find it amazing about how easy it is to get into a fight with you…

Yes, it is true that I am a kid. 14 years old, in fact.

But if you think I am self-conscious, you have got another thing coming.

You literally made a statement, not even an opinion, mind you, about me never being in the internet. How’s that for opinions, huh?

I said that you are new to the internet and not the forums.
that isn’t an offence because I didn’t directly attack you or even start to use vulgar language.
How am I rubbing it in your face? that shouldn’t be anything offensive or get mad about. This just shows your immaturity.
I’m not trying to fight lol

either that is a lie or somehow you haven’t hit puberty yet???

like what?

yes, I did, and what will you do about it?

Now what… Fine. First, you come up, literally trying to aay that me never being on the internet was the truth, then you say that I am just being whiny (Do NOT say you didn’t…), and now you’re trying to get me to argue with you via going back to what I said. Not gonna take it anymore, I won’t let you talk about what I do, say, or anything of the sort anymore. From now on, any mention of your name in any of my forums will not be tolerated, I promise.