[Forum Game] Would You Rather

Hey everyone! Let’s play a simple game!

-First person asks a Would You Rather Question.
-The next person answers the question above and then posts their own Would You Rather Question.


Person A: Would you rather play Vesteria or do Homework?

Person B: Play Vesteria.
Would you rather eat a pancake or a waffle?

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Would you rather Drown to death or Burn to death?

Drown to death, i’d rather be COOL that hot

Would you rather be Watching a Musical or be Watching a Horror Movie

Watching a Horror movie. Seems a lot more exciting than a musical to me.

Would you rather have the ability to Reverse time or Fast Forward time?

Reverse Time, If i dropped my fav mug, ill just get it back

Would you rather Be the last person on [Forum Game] Who can post last, or beat nofearon in a duel

i have no idea who nofearon is so be the last person on the forum game thing

would you rather eat a raw steak or raw chicken

raw chicken
Would you rather eat a chair irl or burn in a fire

I’d eat a chair. Chairs are tasty.

Would you rather be reborn as a plant or an animal?

I rather be an animal so I can eat those who rebirthed as a plant. Evil machinations untold for years.
Would you rather be a piece of piece or a pizza piece?

I rather be a pizza piece bcz i love pizza.
Would you rather live in the day or in the night?

i would rather live in the day because i love sunshine and at night there are probably zombies
Would you rather have a tsunami or a earthquake where you currently live rite now

I would prefer an earthquake because an earthquake wouldn’t be as bad as a tsunami.
Would you rather Be forced to inflict paper cuts between all your fingers or have to do the cinnamon challenge in the morning, in the evening, and before bed.

I’d do the cinnamon challenge. After a while, I’ll probably get used to doing it.

Would you rather be blind in one eye or deaf in one ear?

blind in one eye, im already wearing glasses.

Would you rather play MeepCity or play Jailbreak

I rather play jailbreak

Would you rather die, or your family dies

of course i would let myself die
Would you rather have your arms removed or legs removed

I would have my legs removed, I have more uses for my arms than my legs.

Would you rather be able to control fire or water?

I would want to control fire so I could burn down fires.
Would you rather be at your home or at your house?

I rather be at my home because it is where I feel most comfortable at
Would you rather: drink one cup of bleach or drop one drop of bleach into your eyes

Man both sound horrible. I’d do one drop of Bleach on my eye, It’s a lot less than one cup.

Would you rather fight a Tiger or a Bear?