[Forum Game] Who CAN'T Post Last?

Ok so this is just a stupid idea I had that probably wont get very far, but basically this is a game where you want to NOT be the last person to be tagged

Rules are simple:

  • When you reply to this topic you have to tag somebody ELSE (e.g. @Bean602)
  • If you are tagged you have to reply
  • Try to not be the last person to be tagged… (duh)
  • If somebody doesn’t reply within 24hrs you can tag somebody else, and the person that didnt reply is out of the game. (unless they provide me with a valid reason for not replying)

That’s all the rules I can think of for now… Guess I’ll start… @GeneralOmegus
Have Fun! (I hope)

(congratz gen u broke the rules alrdy)

People that are out:

  • Bereza


you’re banned. @Conquest

No u.


copied sam’s idea. get banned.

You mean who CAN post last? Yes, this is based off that, lol

@TheOfficialSin stop cheating on whale

see. copy cat. get banned. Reported for bullying and for gnome

lol its funny, were all @ing POTM members



go re-read the rules gen

@Bean602 get out of here beanie

no u. @LeSamton

@Bean602 no U

@J_Joey hmph



ha ima lose this loisrs @Bean602

why does everybody keep tagging me back… @avoiided