Forum Game - What Were They Talking About?


You were casually walking down the sidewalk, when you overheard someone talking.

“Did you hear about the conversation between those guys on the forums? It was so ______!”

You missed out on the last part of what they said, but you couldn’t bother asking the strangers what they were talking about, because you didn’t want to seem nosy.

So you think to yourself, “What were they talking about?”


In this game, you guys will be able to edit the replies, made by the Regular members of the community.

If you don’t know what a Regular member is, they are people who have been very active on the forums, and who have met the requirements to earn a badge called “Regular”, which you can find here ;

The edit that you make can be about anything you want, just as long as it is relevant, and makes sense in correspondence to what was said previously.


  1. One person per one edit. Only one person can edit a reply, if that reply has already been edited, then no one else is allowed to go in and edit it again, except the person who edited it the first time.

  2. Don’t be too inappropriate. I am fully aware that people are sometimes inappropriate, so, I will allow you guys to continue as such. But, you cannot reply with things that are too mature for the reading of younger users.

  3. Stay relevant. Don’t go off topic, reply the way a logical person would reply. Not saying that you cannot use jokes, in fact, I encourage you to use jokes, but, keep the jokes civil, and relevant, based off of what the other people are saying.

  4. Do not reply to this topic. Unless you’re a Regular member replying with a wiki post, you are not allowed to reply. If you think something is funny, or inappropriate, use the emojis to express your emotion.

  5. No talking to yourself. If you edit a reply, you must wait until someone edits the reply after the one you just edited, in order to edit again (With the exception of the first edit to this topic.) Replies will be instantly flagged.

- If you find anymore flaws in this topic, message me, and I will fix it and add it to the rules.
- Also, if someone edits your edit without your consent, message me, and I’ll handle it. (Note that, edits such as spelling corrections are not to be reported.)

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