[forum game] ur actions have consequences

basically someone says an action. then the next person must say what the result of that action is and say what they do after that. this keeps going on.

no ending the stury it must go on forever.

I will start: one day i log onto vestaria

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I drink some iced coffee. :kissing_cat:

My iced coffee spills a bit and my favroite shirt now is full of tanned sand color D:

so I change my shirt and then I play BitterSweet…

I realize that the ice coffee spilt all over my computer and completely ruins it.

the computer means you can’t get the essay on time. so you decide to hand write it…

Your wrist gets a strain after all the writing.

So You Go To The Doctor To Get It Fixed.

and the doctor can’t fix it

you cry yourself to death

you die and meet death, you sign the contract which means you give him your cereal when you die again

you go back to your computer when you fall down a time hole

…your computer malfunctions and shoots a beam at you which makes you shrink to the size of a pea…

you meet up with ants and help them steal food

you eat an ant

the ant produces a colony inside your body

you are slowly being eaten alive from the inside

this went from 0 to 100 real quick

I die again

The ants use my body to create a massive ant colony.(what even is this now. Went from iced coffee to ants.)

then you come back alive and eat a Mario mushroom which makes you normal sized again, but now you want to eat somebody’s brain…