[FORUM GAME] Two Truths and a Lie


One player states three things about himself, two of which are true and one of which is a lie. The other players have to guess which is the lie. The player who guesses correctly first takes the next turn.

I’ll start: I have straight A’s, an iPhone X, and a minifridge.


You Don’t Have Straight A’s.

Edit: OOF
I Got It Wrong. :frowning:

I actually do :wink:

You don’t have an Iphone X

No minifridge?

u dont have an mini fridge

nice gg

Correct! Sorry I was doing something in Farmlands

Now you say two truths and a lie

LIEs All LieS

I’m an only child soooo

Uhh, you aren’t an only child.

im just going to go…

I main hunter, I am in the guild Evolution, I play Pokemon go

You aren’t in the guild Evolution

i am never bored i beat the true ending in super meat boy and i can not find any good games

My turn!
I’m on my high school football team, im currently wrapped in a blanket, or i have 6 pets!

6 pets is a lie.


You aren’t currently wrapped in a blanket, but in a burrito, which a giant spider will eat u in

that sounds fun, but sadly no

your a person who is playing a game for kids and used 10$ on that said game.

you are on a highschool football team is the lie