[Forum Game] Storytime

Important Information

Now you’re probably wondering, why would I want to make a story for absolutely no reason at all.

Answer: Because it’s fun to do it with people on the forums. this forums.

Now here are the rules.

  1. As a constant reminder always keep things appropriate on the forums. Needless to say, I’m quite sure all of our members who are able to edit this post are able to! Kudos to all of them.
  1. At the end of what you added put in your signature :wink: Example:
    “After the huge adventure the party decided to go home (@headlessmicrowave).” your username the period being after what you added.
  1. Also do not delete others works without permission, whatever you get the point.
  1. Try to have fun with this, as you can try to make this post as random as you can or whatever but, if you don’t have fun… well… that’s a pity. Now go on, now you know all the important information you must also not delete this information so other users can understand the rules.
  1. Also remember to wait a moment after an edit, as someone may be editing at the same time or something?
  1. One last thing, you can become a character yourself and use other users as characters remember, to follow the rules. :wink:

Note: To let you know this is an experiment using the “Wiki” feature for being a Regular.

Once upon a time: @Conquest was strolling along The Farmlands looking for fellow adventurers to party with (@Conquest)
He saw Metalious, who was a level 30 Warrior strolling on. @Conquest asked, “Hey Meta, wanna party?” I said, “Sure, but first we must duel to see if you are worthy to be on my side.” (@Meta)
“As for the duel, you’re probably thinking it’s the standard battle, oh no, it is not.” stated @Meta, “It is indeed a battle who can eat the most chairs… the fastest!@Conquest was quite bewildered for a moment and with his realization was excited (@headlessmicrowave)
Once the chair eating battle commenced, @Conquest dug straight into the chairs eating every single part of it. meanwhile @Meta was still working on 3rd chair but @Conquest had finishied 4/5 of the chairs and @Conquest won (@Conquest) @whale saw @Conquest eat all of those chairs, and asked him if he had any splinters in his throat (@whale)

@Conquest you’re supposed to edit the post! :crazy_face:

i just found that out oof

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wait. if you just got the regular badge. and i joined 2 days after you. does that mean on sunday i will be a regular? :thinking:

hm if you follow all the requirements then I suppose so also, MzdqRpsgSzSjjr8GRiHwmA Nofearon also got it

yeah i just saw the people who have it

also oof i have to fight u in a duel? welp im goin to lose

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