--Forum game: Restricted letter game

The goal is simple: each person must say something related to the given topic without using the letters of his username.

The topic is: Spooky.


Tht’s too sook for me

Hll, I’m Plyig This Gm Too. It Is lly Hd To Us y f My Ltts I My m.

spky scy skeles

I Hv To Sy Tht Yu Stc Is lly sy To Tll Wht Yu Tyig To Sy.

There keleton n my closet

o forgot the “k” “h” and “t” n or nme

Ths s very nterestng

I kw ight, It Is lly Hd To Wit ut Stc Tht Mks Sc.

grma a arriv

y gotta cr m

Wht U Hink ut Vsri

Roblox Hllown vnt

I’m t Gig T Ply Th Hllw vt Sic I D’t Lik vts Tht Much.

pu u smll & b sppy

hell_ _ _m he_e __w

yu used _ h

h _s ___ __ my __me
(h is not in my name + you used e)

W_ K__w “H” Is’-t I_ Y_u_ __m-.

P.S. I Had To Use A Mix Of Hyphens And Underscores To Do It, Since Letters Would Go Italics.