[FORUM GAME] Last to raise awareness loses

Want to win this game? Easy. The last to tell people to inform other to subscribe to pewdiepie wins. You can do this in a creative way, in-game, or just literally reply saying “subscribe to pewdiepie.”


  • Subscribe to pewdiepie
  • Eat lasagna
  • Be 9 years of age
  • Subscribe to pewdiepie again

Oh btw subscribe to pewdiepie

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sub to t series


epic forum game please make more

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subscribe to swedish man

Oh lord, I’m 8. WELP

leave while you still can

you don’t want to be found in the 9 year old army turf

all swedish men have amnesia lets plays

I’m sensing conflicting messages with the title and the actual post.

I agree.

I think we need to be focusing more on subscribing to PewDiePie imo

yea more people need to subscribe to pewdiepie