[forum game but vesteria] monster making MODERATORS READ BEFORE CLOSE

I know no more forum games, but this is about vesteria? Ok anyway,
The rules are, someone makes a monster name, and whoever can make the most absurd monster wins. I will try to refresh the monster name everyday.

Monster name: bereza

Level: 1

Appearance: a blue haired boi, with a bow the color of his foot.

Mechanics and behavior: shoots whoever offers him a duel with his machine gun bow. Whenever the server reaches a certain amount of players, will spawn random crab raves or other creatures depending on his mood

Drops and exp: give 1 exp and drops le stick

The first monster name will be

fat yeti

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hey there pal, forum games are not allowed, no kind of forum games.
you know I hate to do this, but I have to enforce the dark rule of my masters (this is a joke btw)

you are better of going here and brainstorming monster ideas where poly can actually see them since he is interested in that kind of stuff.