{FORUM} @Everyone Ping Ability

If you are a dev and you want everyone to see your topic people are more likely to look if it’s in their notifications. So I suggest an @Everyone ping where you can ping everyone on the forums. This should probably be a regular+ ability so only trusted people can use it to avoid spam. I think that this would be much more effective because you have to link your forum account to your email so you would get an email as well.

This is just my small addition to a big world

Stay Safe! :grin:

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Moved to #site-feedback as it relates, to, well, the site.

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This is not possible to do.


why not?

i think it’s because this isnt a website MADE by the vesteria team, it’s a forum site called Discourse which means we can’t just add our on functions.

Technically, there is a way to notify everyone, but it’s a bit of a roundabout method to do so.

Essentially, it’s likely that developers (maybe moderators as well) have the ability to message the trust level 0 group, which is a group that contains every member on the forums. Of course, they would then have to post a link to the topic in the message, and it’s not guaranteed everyone will click the link, but it would notify everyone of it.

I’m not even sure if developers or moderators could do this either way. It’s possible that messages to the trust level 0 group have just been completely disabled. Of course, since berezaa runs the forums, he would be able to change that if he wanted to.


On another forum I’m on there is a massive tag list you can join if you want updates.

Not sure if it’s possible, even if it was I think it’d be a feature only for devs. There’s no reasons for regulars to ping everyone anyway.

Honestly I wouldn’t even trust leaders with an @everyone , let alone regulars. It could be a good thing to have for moderators and devs to get the community’s attention, but for the most part I don’t think it’s a good idea.