Forum Competition ! - The Toaster Poster

In this challenge you must use paint, photoshop or whatever your art software is into order to edit the simple canvas posted bellow.

How Does the Challenge Work?
I will keep this post up for 1 week, and 3 people will be picked as winners.

1 - You can do whatever you like with the page, but the Toaster MUST BE VISIBLE AND IN THE MIDDLE.

2 - Do not copy other peoples designs, if there are duplicates, I will pick the first time that same poster was posted.

3 - Try to keep discussion to a minimum. Use Emotes to express opinion would be preferred.

Prizes: (I know they’re kindda small and probably not worth it but hey it’s reward for fun right?)

1st Place - 3 (10% Scrolls), 1 (70% Scroll)

2nd Place - 1 (10% Scroll), 2 (70% Scrolls)

3rd Place - 1 (70% Scroll), 2 (100% Scroll)

(Side note, Event ends in 1 week and I’ll give stuff when the game is fixed)


Make sure to Upvote / Like the Posters you thought were good so I can see the community votes too

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Nobody else reply so this can win image

Welp here’s this I guess. Very undetailed cuz I’m bad at using a mouse to draw lol



Mine is the best tbh

Ok maybe it’s not in the exact middle…