Forsaken Isle floating invisible collision parts

A build flaw that allows players, to step on said floating platforms. This gives rangers/mages advantage as it has enough space to hit the boss, as shown in the picture. The way to get here is simple, stand on either side of the palm trees that are close to it, however a hunter’s agility might make it easier comparing to a mage attempting to get up here.

Next time maybe scratch out the chat…


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Looks like it’s in-range of Mo Ko Tu Aa, so you’d still be taking damage.

Possible, still need further testing but none the less this is a really comfortable spot that wasn’t mean to be.

Most people stand on rock where mokotuaa won’t be able to hit them.

Good point but far range is getting a lil dmg nerf for rangers, don’t know for mages. This makes it more convinient cuz its actually not too far compared to the rocks.

The invisible platform you’re on is actually part of the palm tree model, every single tree has a similar invisible part of it’s model on which you can walk on

But you shouldn’t be trying to advocate for little to no interaction ; even if damage does get nerfed if you’re hitting the boss you should at least be at risk instead of just being half-afk