Forsaken Island Quests

This would add two quests to the Forsaken Isle, the first one is issued by the leader of the moglos, the goal is to kill 30 Moglokos.

The second one would be issued by the leader of the moglokos, the goal will be to kill 30 Moglos.

Also, maybe a daily quest that refreshed every 8 hours where you have to kill 50 Moglos and/or Moglokos. I would have this one issued by an explorer.

i think moglos and moglokos are practically the same species so that’s a bit posh

how about one human npc wants you to kill 50 moglos
and another has a quest that assembles the broken mask pieces into a mask

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Hmm maybe.

Maybe this could work, so there would be something like a camp from the one in redwood pass with the warriors, and there would be an explorer that would give you the quest.

Explorer Bob: Hey there! We’re trying to progress on this island and continue our research, but these creatures won’t let us pass! Could you help us? If you killed 50 of the moglos and 50 of the moglokos, I’m sure we can continue.

Sure thing . --> Excellent! Come meet me when your finished.

Sorry, can’t help. --> Well guess I’ll ask someone else…

(Quest not finished but chooses speech dialouge) --> Have you cleared out those creatures yet?

Finished quest: Thank you so much! We’ll need more help in X hours.

(claim your reward epicly)

In my opinion a nice quest would be a quest from the moglo creature with the female mask npc who just screams at you, and the quest will be that they want you to kill some moglos/moglokos because they were mean to them because they were a female or something i dont know

“because they were a female or something i dont know”

Sexism in Vesteria :ok_hand:

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they are uncultured tiki “things” :flushed:

I am going to add something even though this thread was from about a month ago but,
What if you had to collect the moglomelons then give them to someone as a daily quest


It’s not a necrobump if it’s still relevant, I think. It’s just a bump.

Yes this must be a thing.

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Just grind normally, it’s surprisingly fast to grind EXP here what are you talking about

Yes I do.