For the love of god give us better hitbox,

The hitbox in pvp is just awfull and broken… like unless your right next upp to the target you’re not hiting target esp for the hunter class. Also a way to close in to the target, i know you guys are adding more mobility movement for hunters which i hope is this update, Mages has it bad to since their bomb is really easy to “dodge” basicly just move over when they cast it or if they get lucky you wont see the attack they do. and its not just for the pve but the pvp aswell since 5/2 times my attacks wont even register when im attacking the spiders.

PvP is in really early works. You shouldn’t expect it to be balanced or fair. PvP will be given more attention once the devs get an adequate amount of content in the game for us to enjoy.

still i dont think this will be that diffcult to fix just make the hitboxes bigger, and pvp will mostly be fun, since other than the endless amount of boring grind i’d think pvp will be a good way to be used for distractting players. that way we could improve our pvp skill and be bit more preaperd in the future, learn moveset and combo and such.