For people below lvl 30

Alright a tip from someone who got to 30 a few days ago is to take your time because once your 30. There is nothing to do. You can farm gold but that gets repetitive. That’s all i wanted to say.

Thank you,

Orr just level up 3 slots to level 24 as I’m doing because thats when you start to earn 18 XP maximum from normal spiders

Its still repetitive but whatever floats your boat. :smiley:

There’s really no reason to level up past level 20. There’s no content past level 20 currently. Take your time leveling and actually enjoy the game. Best not to burn yourself out and get bored once you reach max level. Just my thoughts.

I cant get bored of vesteria tho

True indeed

One of the main reasons for lvling past 20 is just prep for the raid update, which is 20+

I know, I’m trying to get Max level Warrior for the dungeon.