For My Exploit Hero Badge

I’m not fully aware of how he did it, but a user by the name of 4x4F dealt 4 sets of damage at once. He is currently a level 22 hunter, and killed a huge-spider in an instant.
I wasn’t able to catch him in action, but I got a screenshot of him in the server.

His weapon was a hunter axe, the tomahawk.
@berezaa , or @Polymorphic, please check this out.

We’re aware of this exploit, it should be fixed sometime soon. Thanks for the report.

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Btw, I meant to ask you, what subclass of hunter do you plan on being?

Assassin of course, just like my league of legends main class. :smiley:

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YESSSS BOY!! You going to make an assassin’s guild just like me?

All you did is post a screenshot of a playerlist lmao. I could say the same about anyone with that.

Notice that you never denied doing it. Secondly, there are witnesses that are currently in the server who saw you do it. So, yeah.


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Notice how I just stated facts that you plain as day only sent a picture of a player list and then continued to say that this dude is insta-killing things. You’re just like all the kids in the SB2 reports.

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The badge is FINDING exploits, not exploiters. Reporting an exploiter doesn’t really help much; it DOES make the devs aware of it, but it doesn’t show the devs what script is being used to do it. And by “economy-breaking exploit” means that there would be a glitch which can be abused to get massive amounts of money reported privately.

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It seems like this topic was made specifically just so you can get a badge rather than actually providing meaningful proof that someone is exploiting. What are the Devs going to do with a screenshot of the player list? It doesn’t help at all with figuring out how the exploit was used.

Duh, otherwise I wouldn’t report anyone.

Oh, and I have proof, I just cannot post videos.

I’m pretty sure the exploit is just spamming the remote that does damage. Best to add a delay.

Can’t speak for the devs since I don’t know their system, but it’s just my guess.

i know that. that’s why i posted the image. he couldn’t have gotten the Exploit Hero badge from it anyway.

edit: also they have to pick you. just by reporting it perfectly doesn’t mean they’ll give you the badge

Yeah, I just replied to explain why, I know you already knew.