Focusing On One Stat--- like strength

Is focusing on one stat fine? Can you give me a reason why it’s not fine?

It depends on what class you are, really. For example, for a Berserker going full STR will probably work best, but for a Paladin you’d want a STR/INT mix. Same thing goes with Assassin vs Ranger.

With Assassin, you probably can get away with a full STR build with maybe a bit of DEX for some speed. With Ranger, you want to go DEX until you have enough to get the three arrows stat bonus, then go full STR (at least, according to most people).

In reality though, given the plans to expand the hidden stat bonuses, it’ll probably be possible in the near future to run pretty much any build and still have at least a decent amount of success.

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I like the 30 VIT lifesteal thing tho … it’s so good, and not that much risk. Honestly I was ranger before hp nerf and now (after hp nerf) I can get OHKO’d by a BANDIT! A FRIGGIN’ BANDIT!!! I HAD TO PUT 50 VIT JUST TO FRIGGIN’ SURVIVE A HIT!!!

You act like all my posts are essays, but they aren’t. A good majority are simply replies to people that are (at most) a few lines long. Unless I’m responding to another long post, or I’m trying to argue a specific point and using proof to back it up, then most of my posts are about this length, maybe a bit longer.

Lifesteal is pretty good but most people don’t use it because Ranger is meant to be played from a distance and to hardly get hit at all.

I try to keep my distance but some of them have distance attacks and I can’t get close enough to kill the Skirmishers without drawing the aggro of the normals. Now I just farm The Gauntlet, tons of exp and loot very quickly (2G in less than 8 runs)

With Ranger, I prefer getting 65 dexterity with the sandshulker vest. I feel like it makes ranger more fun, because you’re literally a shotgun, and I feel it gives a higher DPS.

Now Rangers have almost nada in terms of HP, trying to be a spam shotgun is a bad idea now.

Ranger has 70% now instead of 60%…

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No its still 60% hp for rangers

still fun af