Flu shoots are scary

Pray for me gonna go get a flu shot hopefully won’t ruin play test bc my arms hurting cya guys soon!

Jabs Shouldn’t Really Hurt.

Yeah I hate flu shots lol, I’m getting one next Thursday

Though In General They Don’t Hurt Me…

I have needle phobia
And I also got blood draw yesterday, I freaked out so bad

I never take flu shots because I take care of myself enough to not need one.

That Isn’t How It Works…

I got 3 shots last week, 2 in my left arm and one in my right arm. It didnt hurt l0l

Most Shots Don’t Phase Me, So I Can’t Really Sympathise With People’s Fear Of It. Though Good For You If You Didn’t Fear It, Obviously If You Did Then Disregard That Last Part :/.

If you stay calm it shouldnt hurt

well then?
pinch your shoulder. hurts.
pinch your vein. doesn’t hurt too much.
pinch your finger. hurts.

idk about y’all but it depends on the doctor/nurse. I stg some of the just like to jam the needle in lol.