[Flight Pathing and/or Other Method Of Travel]

There is a topic out there that discusses Portal travel, but there isn’t one that talks about Flight Pathing. I feel as though since not many games do it (in fact the best example I can come up with is WoW) it would be an interesting concept to try and test. The only issue is that since the game is instance-based and not open-world on the same level as WoW it would be a bit more complex, then again I have to keep in mind that this is an Alpha-Stage of the game, so anything could happen. I feel as though if someone wants to go from Nilgarf to say the Warrior’s Stronghold, there should be some feature put in place that allows them the choice of either running all the way there, or just having quick and easy access via some other method of travel. Of course, there would be a fee which, as more zones come out, the higher level areas will require more currency to fast travel to.