Fishing rod can’t do it’s job

So I have the fishing rod and I know how to use it but for some reason I can’t catch fish. And why is the pond in nilgarf the only place where my bomber will stay. This is mainly asking twirls the developers of the game and breazza. I would like to know why I can’t fish

Moved to #gameplay-improvements:bug-reports since it’s a bug, but unfortunately this bug is already well known. Fishing is currently disabled in every map except Nilgarf, and even in Nilgarf it doesn’t work (from what I remember).

They deleted the fishing rod and the fishing script. It’s now a mid beta relic. @Meta, confirm pls, if I’m right pls close.

I have one on my back to flex cuz if I remove it I can’t put it back on.

lmao! plan on ever selling it?

I have two on that account so no.

ah ok.

It’s actually early beta and alpha

I might sell it but it’s my only way of remembering sea side/crabby/farmlands(R.I.P.)

sigh I wish people who can edit my stuff would not edit with out my permission