Fishing Quests and Terror of The Deep rework

Fishing Quests (Inspired by Terraria)

In my opinion a fishing update would be a good idea.

Even in alpha were you could fish anywhere with water, fishing was really only a glorified way to make money. Ever since I got Terraria, and did Angler quests, I thought fishing quests in Vesteria might be a good idea.

Fisherman Charles: In Port Fidelio there should be an NPC about here:

NPC should be named Fisherman Charles, he will give his first quest if only the certain conditions are complete:

  • The player in question has the Old Fishing Rod in their inventory
  • The said player has completed Fisherman Gary’s quest
  • The player is LVL 10+

If those conditions are met he will have a fishing quest for the player every 12 hours.
The quests will only take place for Biome Fish and the said biome fish is in a map that the player has visited. example: Player124 is a LVL 10 hunter who has completed all quests up to this point and has not visited the sewers. Fisherman Charles will not give him a Biome Fish from the sewers for a quest.

After 5 quests Fisherman Charles will upgrade your old fishing rod to a fishing rod, making the fishing time shorter.

Biome Fish

For fishing quests there will be quests for biome fish which have a 2.5% chance of being fished up, they will only be fished up if the player has the respective quest, we will go in list of maps

  • Mushtown: Shroomfish (fish that looks like a shroom): it has no gimmick,
  • Mushroom Forest: Shroomfish, Fishleaf (a fish that looks a lot like a leaf) it’s gimmick is it can only be fished near trees.
  • The Clearing: Fishleaf, Silverfish (a fish that looks like a silverfish insect) it’s gimmick is that if it’s caught it will try to run away.
  • Nilgarf: Silverfish, Goldfish (a fish that appears golden) it’s gimmick is that it can be caught outside of a quest and sells for 1 Silver
  • Great Crossroads: Fishleaf, Silverfish, Hogfish (its a fish that looks like it has a hog snout) it has no gimmick
  • Redwood Pass: Mudskipper (a fish that looks like mud) it has no gimmick, Fishleaf, Yetifish (it looks a lot like a baby yeti combined with a fish) it’s gimmick is that it can only be caught near the yeti’s cave, Redwood Cod(It’s a fish that appears it has icy fins.) it’s gimmick is that it can only be caught in snowy areas and warrior stronghold
    Warrior Stronghold: Silverfish, Redwood Cod
    Shiprock Bottom: Snelfishes [Fishvin, Fisheth, Fishy, Snel Fish] (it’s a fish that looks like it has a snel shell on it depending on the fish) It’s gimmick is that it has a 0.625% chance that a specific one will be caught and the quest requires catching all of them. Terror of the Shrimp (A fish that looks a lot like the Terror of The Deep) It’s gimmick is that it requires defeating the Terror of The Deep to unlock.
  • Colosseum: Bloodfish: (A blood red fish with scars on it) it has no gimmick, Red Shark (A fish that looks like the sharks in Port Fidelio) it’s gimmick is that it stacks to 5 and must be fought to reward the drop
  • Seaside Path: Crabfish (a red fish with crabby claws) it has no gimmick.
  • more to be added: Ideas I like will be added to this from the comments

Terror of The Deep Rework
The terror of the deep should be added back and should be reworked
It’s attacks should be changed

  • Bite: Acts a lot like the scarab but with 1 bite and much lower damage
  • Headbutt: Charges towards to attempt to bite but it’s mouth doesn’t open, it deals knockback similar to LVL 1 Rebuke.
  • Charge: An attack that does small damage, but combos into a Bite or Headbutt
  • Sonar: Locks on to a player and deals no damage, Always combos into a Charge.

Its drops will be changed so it’s silver drops are more reasonable (silver drops like the yeti or spider queen)
It will also drop 6 weapons each has a 3% drop chance

Whale tooth dagger (dagger)
perk: Serrated Edges
(adds a bleeding effect that is weaker than spider fang dagger’s poison, but lasts longer, with less dps)
Baleen Bow (bow)

Whale tooth Sword (Sword)
perk: Aqua Dash
(makes combat roll deal a STR scaling amount of damage of a base power of 15, it also increases distance in water)

Whale Tail (Greatweapon)

Whale Bone Shield (Shield)
perk: Cetacean Protection
(provides 10% damage reduction, ~20% chance to stun for .25 seconds and reflects ~5% of the damage taken in water)

Whale Tooth Staff (Staff)
perk: Shark Fury
(Magic missile, thundercall, pillage vitality and frostcall will shoot shark teeth that do ~10% more damage and have a +4% critical strike chance when used in water)
Each will be {Rare} rarity and require level 30 to use, they also sell for 78 silver coins.

I’ll find a good perk idea in the comments. :speech_balloon:

so… the entire terraria fishing system

not really,
it’s a bit different

sweet, you got urself a vote!
(stop walking on my keyboard spotty lol)
the tooth dagger should cause a bleeding effect(chance) that does 100 dmg a second and lasts for 10 seconds. bow should have same ability. the staff should turn magic missile into shark teeth, doing much more dmg. the sword should make combat roll do 100 dmg. idk bout the great weapon
also the shield should do damage to whatever hit you when you get hit(100 dmg) and has a stun chance.
also, how much would these sell for to merchants?

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I guess a normal fishing questgiver would be better than an angry fish obsessed child bossing me around

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A Possible Cat? :wink:

yup she is MINE

Just a small addon, maybe make it so after a few quests you get a better fishing pole, one that has increases chances to catch said fish, over an old rod. (and maybe can double as a weapon)


I did add your perk ideas, however some of the perks were modified.

thanks. i like the modifacitations