Fishing pole seems too rare

Currently it is 1 in 10k. I feel like it would be better if this was nerfed a tiny bit, because it seems too rare. Fish are expensive, but you can always get 2 spider fangs which would be very common.

The fact is: fish are expensive AND they don’t pose ANY risk to farm whereas spiders could kill you if you are low levels. I know this may seem biased as I got a fishing pole on my first crab but it’s still the same. Fishing poles are OP and that’s why they should be rare.

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I’m presently debating if fishing is too OP, I think fish spawn too often.


I saw @Cube fishing and he was catching fish like every 2-3 seconds. Someone can pretty much get a ton of fish and use/sell them for literally no effort. I’m not sure but in the future, I foresee people autoclicking or macroing that. There should be a cool little mini game or something to catch fish. Like maybe they have to time it right or else the fish wont be caught.

Okay, so let me break it down for ya.

They already do have to time it as the fish appears, it just happens way too frequently.

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Ah alright. I wasn’t sure as I haven’t been able to get a fishing rod yet.

Basically, from the patterns I realized it would be very hard to create an autoclicker to help you AFK fish. The time before you can fish is sometimes 4 and 7 seconds (around that amount), and it would take about 2 seconds to cast and pull out. In 15 minutes, I caught 131 fish, which equaled to about 17.1 silver x 4 (for one full hour of fishing) = 68 silver x 24 hours (for an entire day of fishing) = 1.632 gold mushcoins == 1,632,000 mushcoins. And if I made a guild (or clan) of fishermen, that would be 1,632,000 x 6 players = 9.792 gold. I think the rarity is VERY much worth the amount of gold you can make. In fact, I think the rarity should be MUCH higher.

@Polymorphic @TheOfficialSin

I thought of many ways to sell the fish more, if the bank area in Nilgarf was a global marketplace where I could sell stacks for fish for my own price to other players and to get a guild of fishermen and buying out fishing rods like a monopoly. But now I realize the spawn rate for fishing rods is actually really high.

I saw this post on the trello so I doubt fishing rods will be as rare as they are right now in the future.

Yea, I saw that too. I don’t agree with it at all because if that gets added then fishing will be super nerfed and no one will fish.

I see fishing as more of a background activity. Something to do for fun when people get tired of committing genocide on mushrooms. Like looking for treasure chests and exploring the map. Even if it does get nerfed, there will always be people that will still fish.

trust me-- it is very boring. if you fish it will probably be as a joke. an hour of fishing was torture. the only reason i did it was because it was worth it.

I’m sure they will add on to it in the future to make it funner and more worthwhile. Just not too OP as to where people can profit and benefit from it so much.

Some people won’t fish to sell it- They’ll use the fresh fish to help them in fights

Hi everyone, I figured that I would bump in as I’ll be taking a look at fishing today.

The goal for fishing it to be its own minigame with Vesteria that you can gain EXP for and level up. As you level up, you can catch rarer fish and even treasure. You can also get better fishing rods which multiply your odds.

The fishing we have now is a barebones of what we have planned. It’s basically just a tech demo, which is why the way to obtain it is so random.


tbh I kind-of like the rarity of the fishing rod rn but maybe lower it to 1/5k. XD Also I demand a replacement fishing rod for the one I accidentally sold because the icon looks like a sword! Oh and maybe fix the icon too :^P