Fishing, opinions on it?

So since we have access to the fishing rod now do you guys believe that it’ll truly break the economy of Vesteria or have they balanced it in a good way? My opinion on the topic is that it’s balanced. In the short time I’ve fished I got fish that were worth about 20-60 bronze so that seems pretty decent. There could also be a secret fish that is worth 1 silver or more too, thoughts?
(If anyone gets a fish that is worth more than the money I specified please send a screenshot, the name of the fish and the price i’m interested)

fishing is boring and useless. the worth of fishing is terrible now because everyone has FREE access to a fishing rod. It’s not even like it costs a lot of money. Fish prices have went down as well. The yellow pufferfish used to be 300 mushcoins but I guess it’s a lot less.

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Use this as reference to what fishing will most likely be in the future and what the devs have planned for it.

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Umm all of my fish sell for the same amount as before the update

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Really? I heard someone say fish sold for a lot less. But still my opinion stands.

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You’re just salty because now everybody has a fishing rod and you aren’t special anymore.
Fishing isn’t meant to give you stupid amounts of cash but rather be a side thing you can do to earn cash.

Very true. When fishing rods were rare, it was more exclusive and actually worth fishing. But now, the prices of fish have also dropped. There just isnt any reason to fish when you could grind to level 30 and make the same amount of money.

you see my dear friend, you aren’t supposed to make as much money from fishing as you would from fighting enemies, this is what we call a sideactivity. something to keep you distracted while giving you additional content and rewards, it would be DUMB if you would get the same amount of money from fishing and if you want something bit less boring and ‘‘worthwhile’’ then just go and fight enemies but I will take my fishing rod and enjoy my day on the beach <3

plus once fishing is fully done there will be a fishing book (from what I understand) that you will be able to level up by fishing and upgrading this book will give you perks like better fish, more fish and… something idk

It May Not Be A Fishing Book But Like Natural Skill Progression, Like The More You Do It Better You Get?

may :b: e