Fishing Idea Thing This Part Is Because I Need 15 chars

While I was fishing on the demo, I noticed that there were different kinds of fish. It would be cool if each type of fish restored a different amount of mana/hp.

How do you fish?

There’s a cave by the lake that has a wooden fishing pole in it in the demo.


where is this cave? i can’t find it.

ok, thanks

We definitely plan on improving fishing way past what we have right now, we’ll definitely modify the fish to not all look (in the item slot) and act the same.

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will we be able to use scrolls on fishing rods to get better loot like maybe a chance to get swords or other items?

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you’d basically be using a scroll on the ocean there sir

Definitely something that can be expanded on.

Not Sure If This Is Meant To Happen But I Managed To Get This To Happen.