Fisherman thinks your inventory is full when it isn't

Alrighty so, I was converting all my crabby claws into fish, but then, image
and as you can see, my inventory is clearly NOT full. Also in case you’re wondering it isn’t because I have red fish in my inventory instead of blue ones, (oh ya btw if you catch a red fish with a fishing rod it doesn’t stack with the blue fish…) My red fish are the stack of five on the left, but the stack of three in the middle are not red, they are blue. This is the only thing the developer console says

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this happens with anything btw if u have 1 slot left in that category of the inventory when u pick up scrolls they disappear and you can’t buy items etc

@Polymorphic this is you


I’ll have this fixed for real by next update, it’s related to picking up items when your inventory is full (so I’ll fix both of these).

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Like next major update or next small update as in 1.1.6?

Whenever we next update, so could be 1.1.6 or 1.2.0 depending on what we get done by then.

I actually fixed several issues while fixing this bug. As of next update…

  • You should be able to obtain items when you have one empty slot, (so this bug)
  • Items won’t disappear off the ground when you try to pick up items while your inventory is full (separate bug)

Thanks, Poly

Yay thanks!