Fisherman is basically confirmed!

So in the new mage+hunter update, there was something added to Port Fidelio which im pretty sure hasn’t been there before.
Near the hunter consumable stand, there are some stairs leading up to a little shop in the wall. There is a fish sign, and in the little room, there is even a new fishing rod. This place will probably be the place to upgrade your fishing items and maybe get your fisherman job.

The actual shop thing:

The new fishing rod:

Also some new types of fish:

Im very exicted for fisherman, and now I am pretty sure where to get the goods. I think I am the first one to post about this, so go check it out in Port Fidelio.

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Berezaa has said a few times that there will be professions like fishing, woodcutting, and mining.
Also, this is really cool, maybe fishing job will come soon.

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If you look at one of the sneak peaks you can see the fisherman in the background I forgot which one though

i’m gonna be a miner and go get some diamonds, wheres the miner gang at?

Gonna mine some diamond in Redwood pass and craft myself an awesome diamond sword to slay all the baby yeti’s B)

dont forget the sharpness V enchantment B)

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what? this is in the wrong section?

no weaboos allowed. only minecraft. only diamonds.

I’m so excited about this! We’ve been waiting for professions for quite sometime now so seeing that’s it’s finally being added makes me hAPPY.