Fish should go in the inventory!

Well fish should go in your inventory auto-magically. It’s a chore to manually pick them up… :wink:

It shouldn’t be easy to get a huge amount of money.

Become A Good Fisherman Like Me, And That Should Be Possible.

Disagree, fishing bots would be waayyyy easier to make with this in mind.

Then Just Have A Large Delay Between Each Fishing Attempt, Like 15 Seconds.

But then this would hurt players trying to play legit?

What Would You Do Then?

not add this feature? since picking up fish manually isn’t that hard
on the other hand, auto-fishing isn’t possible since the delay between throwing in the rod and the fish getting caught is random

Obviously It Is Random, However There Are Macros Which Can Look For Specific Pictures On The Screen And Do Actions Depending On It. If You Don’t Believe Me On That, I Literally Have The Macro I’m Talking About.

w o w
that’s some advanced laziness

I am aware. Though injection maroing is far more reliable. Overall, these scripts aren’t for newcomers. Until they make a real anti-macro system this feature should stay in.

False. This can be done with a simple AHK