Fine devs Take it away

You can remove our health thats fine.
But if you take away our health give us more range on our rain of arrows. Or else we’ll just drop.
Edit: pepole say i should add more so i will.
You should give us more on our rain of arrows because we’ll die quickly whenever we go to use rain of arrows. Its like a glass cannon. I think all rangers would agree with me that we should more range on our rain of arrows.

You’re a glass cannon.


yOU HAVE a ToN oF range… fr got the whole squad laughing

That’s the point. Rangers were way to overpowered before. Also please stop making low effort posts.

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yea so you can instakill unsuspecting bandits from across the map, no thanks

you’re rangers its not like you needed the health in the first place

yeah give hail more aoe when rangers already have a shotgun

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This is a good discussion, but the topic is very low effort, please add more to the topic.

First of all, I am a Ranger.
I only have 1k hp with 20 VIT right now, and the Scarab OHKO’s me (I am level 45 with full-great-scrolled Sandskulker Vest and Greedy Boots). My MAX-LEVEL Hail of Arrows can only go like 5 feet (comparatively to player height, assuming players are 5 feet tall), and getting that close to something is super dangerous, as we have almost zero HP now. The SPIDER QUEEN can now deal almost half my HP in a single hit. I have mastered dodging her attacks, but still, us Rangers are now all-too-likely to be OHKO’d by Forsaken-level mobs, and a Tuaa Bow is practically a necessity for using Ranger’s Stance.

Bro, you can’t win this argument, it’s very poor and short.

You aren’t supposed to get hit as a Ranger. It is part of your low-risk playstyle to deal constant high DPS at range. Getting close multiplies your risk by 100.

Btw there must be something wrong with your armor to get 3 shot by spider queen.