Finally boissss!

Finally, after a lot of hard work and time spent suffering, I have achieved one of my goals I set on the day I clicked the Play button.

Here it is!



…How dare you.

It’s too late. It’s been done.

I walked up to the door and hesitated, I was unsure what was about to go down. I knocked three times, slowly. Knock. Knock. Knock. A deep voice called out “I’ve been expecting you, come on in.” I took a deep breath and pushed open the door to be immediately hit by an almost blinding white light seeming to be emitting from the figure in the chair. He said to me “Obi , take a seat. What is it you wanted to ask me.” I was hyperventilating, he told me to calm down and relax; To think of him as a friend. I did as he said, in moments I was feeling better. He repeated his question. I finally looked up and into his eyes and asked him “Is this it Chief?” He simply replied, “Yes Obi. THIS. IS. IT.

Lmao why did I waste my time writing that…

There should be a body mod in the game, where you character will look a body builder if you have max strength. :laughing:

How could you.


Get 69 Vitality and I would’ve been more impressed :wink:

Maybe in the future…We shall see…